The Last Tour Before Armageddon

Last Updated: 01/2013

Recommended listening for the apocalypse:

Hooker With A Penis
Ticks & Leeches
Forty-Six & 2
The Pot

Above are the songs Tool performed during this mini-tour between legs of Puscifer and/or A Perfect Circle, recording of the new album and bouts of self-induced lachrymology. A general consensus among fans, tapers, collectors and those in-between is that the band was tight, the set list varied 'enough', MJK refrained from the trademarked screams (i.e.: Stinkfist) but was still able belt it out when required (i.e.: Pushit) and most of all the performances were overwhelmingly solid. That, and, the band seemed to enjoy performing which is nice. If you missed this tour, too bad. If you taped this tour, good for you it certainly kicked some ass.

Notes on live recordings/sources:
The overwhelming majority of live Tool recordings on this site are sourced from CD, cassette or DVD/VHS usually sourced from the taper or a verified, definitive low generation copy - as noted - and not from various downloaded material. The recordings found on this site, unless noted, are not sourced from FLAC, SHN,  or sourced from downloaded video files. Please note that this holds true only to ~the 10K Days era. From 2006 on, virtually all recordings of Tool have been released via various torrents. All recordings found on this site have as much legitimate source & lineage history as possible. You can not download any complete recording on this site, only 1 minute (or less)  MP3 samples are provided to give the collector a reference for the source. This entire website is for referential & archival use only & in no way is to be used for commercial gain of any kind. 

Definitive Recordings:
01.14.2012 - Reno, NV, USA @ Reno Events Center
01.24.2012 - Toledo, OH, USA @ Huntington Center (Source C)