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Tool did not officially allow audio and video recording at this point in their career but at least a couple filmers + tapers were able to attain some strikingly amazing captures of Tool at this stage in their career.  As such, 'the'  classic and quintessential Tool recording came from this era via "Chest Pains Productions".  It captures a raw, powerful and explosive band eager to expend some sweat + creativity in an extremely intimate setting.  Some say that the JC Dobbs video proves that if MJK did not make it in music he would have either been in prison or politics as there is something, something uneasy underneath the surface. It is my opinion that both the JC Dobbs & the Mason Jar (August) recordings define this era of Tool. As a band, these recordings demonstrate their understanding of what it is to be musicians while being virtually "unknowns". But they do not care about that, at this stage it is all about the music & that speaks for itself. There is something remarkable about the sheer power they have on stage, in front of only a virtual handful of people at many gigs.  Makes you wonder what the future would hold...
Notes on live recordings/sources:
The overwhelming majority of live Tool recordings on this site are sourced from CD, cassette or DVD/VHS usually sourced from the taper or a verified, definitive low generation copy - as noted - and not from various downloaded material. The recordings found on this site, unless noted, are not sourced from FLAC, SHN,  or sourced from downloaded video files. Please note that this holds true to ~the 10K Days era. From 2006 on, virtually all recordings of Tool have been released via various torrents. All recordings found on this site have as much legitimate source & lineage history as possible. You can not download any complete recording on this site; only 1 minute (or less)  MP3 samples are provided to give the collector a reference for the source. This entire website is for referential & archival use only & in no way is to be used for commercial gain of any kind. 

Definitive Recordings:
xx.xx.92 - Hollywood, CA, USA @ Various (Sylvia Massey DVD)
05.02.92 - Philadelphia, PA, USA @ JC Dobbs Club (DVD)
08.01.92 - Phoenix, AZ, USA @ The Mason Jar (DVD)