Source A:
Analog --- Sony ECM-909 > Sony WM-D3
Taper:      Steve
Gen:         1st
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Notes: This is a rather interesting recording. On one hand, the recorded quality is rather crisp, clean, sharp & very nicely balanced, especially for the time period, and is one of the better audio recordings from the USA in 1993. On the other hand, there is a lot of taking by the taper &  the people around him. A few hoots & hollers as well. More importantly, there are a few microphone bumps & the beginning of Cold & Ugly it is most noticeable but is much better throughout. Good overall quality, there are lots of tapers that can't get this clarity with their recordings even these days. Now, personally, I find the combination of the two -hands- & feel that the unprofessionaally of it only adds to the history of what Tool is, live, and the recordings of their existence as a band. I am sure that many people will write something like "B" or "crowd noise" but is that really fair to the performance or to the uniqueness of the recording? Ok, I'm done. You can tell that the people in the audience are having a lot of fun & that Tool is way better than they should be, playing on the second stage of Lollapalooza. Also, for those that may not know, there is rumored to be a SBD version of this show floating around... Recently, a 1st Gen surfaced and the difference is slight but is an improvement. Very nice. As a note, Opiate has some relatively severe microphone issues at the end of the song.
Notes: by - Ryan A:
The taper did a straight transfer onto cdr a couple years ago, without any ANA lineage, which has upgraded the sound a bit. Sharp sounding '93 Lolla audience show here. And a very on performance from Tool as well. There's a lot of audience around the taper, but it doesn't distract that much. A rare, complete performance of Flood is given though, making this show extra worthwhile. Paul seems to be in a bit more funky mood than usual. A SBD source of this show has surfaced - slowly at first, then mass-distributed when it was torrented in 2004. So as a result of that, this audience source is kind of irrelevant now except for historical purposes (or if you are into hearing the crowd comments of a show). 

1st Gen:  
Time: 40:34


MJK: "Hi. We're Tool. We're a punk, rockabilly ska-gay band from the Marshes of the Castle Earth. Uh...and we do a lot of rave so prepare to dance."

Cold & Ugly

Paul: "Here we are my brothers, my beautiful alternative nation. What a sorry...looking...case."


Paul: "This song is called Sober."

Prison Sex

Paul: "I think I remember some of you punk-rockers from high school, you used to kick my ass & call me faggot."

MJK: "They still do that."


MJK: "Hurry up Paul, we have five minutes. Five minutes, that's it." (not talked in microphone but audible)
Paul: "If you guys went & saw Dr. Leary today, you would understand what this song is about; it's called Opiate."