DAT --- Aiwa CM-30 > Sony TCD-D7
DAT:    DAT-1 > Digital Clone-2
CD:      Master > CD (transfer 2002)
Taper:  S.D.
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Notes: One of the best performances & AUD recordings from 1993, in my opinion.  Although all of S.D.'s recordings have proved to be absolutely great in quality, this performance/energy seems to be at the tip of my brain whenever I think of, say, the performance/recording of 1993. Opening for Rage Against The Machine, Tool is playing for people who, for the most part, do not really know who they are. Interesting to hear them at this level of 'fame' or whatever you want to call it. There are at least a couple different audio rips from the same exact source floating around, this is the complete & only rip done by the guy that taped it. This latest transfer, however, lacks a very interesting element which the other version had. The first version featured a Bob Marley song playing as the intro music as Tool walked on stage -- Paul says 'turn that shit off - hey you fucks'. All in all, one of the most classic Tool recordings there is, at least in my humble opinion. Simple as that. Oh, for purists, there is a slight level change as Intolerance starts & a bit of movement during Undertow. This has got to be one of my personal all time favorite performances & recordings. To me, there seems to be something a little special about this recording, I cannot put my finger on it though. Perhaps that the band performed this on my birthday has something to do it? I'm sure the entire thing was ---just--- for me, right?
Notes: by - Ryan A: Another powerful Undertow show played to a sparse French audience. And another opener for Fishbone. I think these guys are still touring and just put out another live album (2005). Not sure if they have plans for a new studio release though. Good band. Anyway …  Danny’s snare sounds like a gunshot blasting the backbeat here. Adam’s guitar is mixed slightly back, but everything else is balanced. And this is another hell of a recording by Stephane. Rich, smooth and in your face. Much like a good Guinness. Listen to Paul slapping that (b)ass on Sober. That’s the way it’s supposed to be played, and no one will convince me that Justin plays it better. Everyone is playing well here, especially Maynard whose vocals + reverb are inspiring. His screams on Opiate (“to rape you”) and Bottom (“dead INSIDE!”) can’t be missed. These finally get the crowd off their asses to cheer as they walk off stage.

2002 Transfer Time: 48:29
Time w/ Bob Marley Intro:
Setlist / Quote:

Paul: “Hey you fucks.”
MJK: “Heh. Heh. Heh. Heh.”


Paul: “Wake up fucks.”
MJK: “Danny can’t see. Is there any lights over here we can kick back this way, no? Cool.”
Paul: “This song’s called Sober”


MJK: "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”
MJK: “Where’d they come from?”

Crawl Away <w/Crazy Train intro>

MJK: “Don’t play ball in the house. Mom always said, no ball in the house.”

Prison Sex

MJK: “Hi. We’re Tool. We’re from Los Angeles. No really. And uh, yeah right.”


MJK: “That song’s about the time I took lots of acid and listened to every Joni Mitchell album there was all

in one night. You understand that? Good.”


MJK: “Fishbone’s gonna be up next. This is our last song. It’s called Bottom.

Bottom yeah like as in … Bottom. Yeah, ok.”