February 12, 1993

Opening for:
Rage Against The Machine

Sound Board > Analog Cables > Cassette-M > DAT-2 @ 32 KHZ
Sound Engineer
Gen: DAT-2
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes: Fantastic performance and a great sounding board recording. Do you know what I am talking about when I say "the scream on Undertow"? If you do, congratulations, you probably need to get outside more but if not you probably should take a quick listen to the MP3 sample as it has "it". MJK simply did not perform the scream all that much & this is arguably the best 'capture' of this elusive, wild beast known to man. The sheer intensity of all 4 parts of Tool boiling to the point of release - accentuated by an evolutionary wail from the depths of the collected unconscious - are enough to almost literally knock you off your feet. Or rock your socks, fucking, off - whichever you prefer.

Time: 46:43


Cold & Ugly
(cut about 2 minutes into song)


Paul: This song is dedicated to Aunt Vail - it's called Sober


MJK: This song is called Prison Sex.

Prison Sex

Paul: How many people out tere speak English? Do me a favor, tell your friends you can suck our cocks.

(with scream!)

MJK: This song is about two-thousand year old Arabian folk tales & the morons that they effect.


Paul: Bye, thanks a lot.