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DAT:    DAT-1 > Digital Clone-2
CD:      Master > CD (transfer 2002)
Taper:  S.D.
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Notes: Very nice recording. The sound is amazingly clear, crisp, cool & loud to boot. The crowd seems to be a bit excited as Tool make their way onto stage and MJK says 'tease'. The same taper whose work is now heard all over the world w/the France 93 DAT recordings, shows up again & records an awe-inspired performance. Very nice. As C&U begins, there is a slight clipping of the microphones as the levels were slightly too hot but the taper quickly fixes that issue.  There are at least two other transfers of this same source floating around the trading pool. However, this transfer done by the master in Dec. 2002 has the pre-show music as well as the intro jam into Cold & Ugly which is missing on all other versions. Not to mention the fact that Adam did not regularly perform the intro to C&U at this time. Quite interesting & this was at one time actually relatively rare. The set list of this show is actually sort of at a transitional stage for the band. Work on AEnima was underway, at least some songs were being hashed out but the band played straight off of Opiate & Undertow. It seems to me, at least, that the new material was just below the surface, waiting for that time to escape. This recording & performance picks up that element rather nicely. If you don't believe a word I say about this then I suppose the recording will speak to you in other, more subtle ways.
Notes: by - Ryan A:
Really fun '94 Europe headlining show. Maynard's voice cracks horrendously at the end of Undertow (he sounds like Tarzan) and Paul is drunk. I laughed throughout. It's worth it for Paul's drunken rambling and mumbling alone. But there is some serious energy in this performance. Maynard is really belting it out. I can just picture his hand gesturing and puppet dancing while singing "Eu..ph..or..i..a" before the "I'm back down" verse. Loose jesters between songs; tight hard rock musicians within. Oh and and the recording is tremendous





Time: 74:37




MJK: "Tease tease tease tease. Shhhh."

Cold & Ugly


Paul: "Uh huh."

MJK: "Jim."



Paul: "Chris, I bet I can drink more beers and play than you can and mix. I challenge you. I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to him. I can't handle the scene man. C'mon yeah."

MJK: "Yeeeahh yeeeeahh."



MJK: "We're going to have to cut it short. Danny has a dentist's appointment he forgot about. Okay, we'll skip it."

Paul: "This song's called Sober."



Paul: "Moo. Moo. Ugggh. Moo. [mumbling]"

Prison Sex

Swamp Song


Paul: "Where am I? I have no idea. No one can tell me. That's okay. Right this is born ...[inaudible]."

MJK: "It's great to be back in Chicago. I always love when we're here."

Paul: "Hello Cleveland. Alright. This ain't rock and roll, nothing's gotten broke yet. This is a bunch of bullshit. This is you paying money to watch us dick around. That's not what rock and roll is. Something needs to get broken. You kids are fucking boring the shit out of me."
MJK: "I hope you people are on drugs cuz this song's about being on drugs. Have a little lighter trip."

Paul: "I'm not saying you should light anything on fire but that's what rock and roll's all about. Aaaah."




MJK: "You guys having fun, I'm just checking. You okay? Everybody having fun? I don't know if you're aware of this, but you're not supposed to have fun. This is an AA meeting with music. You're supposed to be talking about your problems."

Paul: "You're not supposed to spit on the bouncers either. Whoops! Haha."

MJK: "No fun. Hehe."

Paul: "Hey sorry about your back buddy."

MJK: "No fun."

Paul: "Sorry about your back. Okay."

Danny (I think): "Hey is Lor here?"

Paul: "Lor? Yep, there's like 20 of them."

MJK/Paul: "Thor. Thor."

MJK: "You didn't bring that boyfriend did you? Thank you. Thanks. Skip this is for you buddy. This is a love song that goes out to Sarah."

[see 3.11.94 for the reference to "Lor/Thor."]

4 degrees


Paul: "Thank you."

MJK: "I forgot to mention that once again today is Skip's birthday. Skip. He's our blonde guitar tech over here, he's hiding somewhere."

Paul: "Guitar tech and bartender."

MJK: "He's uh kinda lonely and he's kinda like this. So if any of you are, you know, into that - Skip's right over here. You know he'll drive, he'll be driven. It's completely up to you. If you have a cat he'll take that."

Paul: "Once again this song is dedicated to Satan, our sweet prince of darkness who we love and adore with all our hearts. Shall I go on? No. This is Opiate." 



MJK: "Thank you good night."

Paul (in response to crowd chanting "this is necessary"): "What is necessary? Tell me, what is necessary?"

Part Of Me


Paul: "Chris - I was wrong. I'm sorry, you win."

MJK: "You know how your mom always said you know 'wait to start drinking alcohol. You don't really need to start early cuz it can do damage to you.' Poster child for alcohol abuse right here."

Paul: "Ah ugh [grunting]"



Paul: "Bye fags."