November 23, 1996 DAT-1 clone

Source B:
DAT --- Core Sound Binaurals > Sony TCD-D7 (Oade Bros Mod II) @ 48 KHZ
Position: Front of Stack, Right
Transfer: DAT-M > Tascam DA-20 > coax > Audiophile 24/96 > Sound Forge > WAV (transfer by
Taper: Jeff Sebastianelli
: Master Recording or "0" Generation (in WAV)
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes: At one point there were some other notes regarding this particular source. There was mention about how towards the late 1990's how someone the owner of the DAT Master traded with ended up selling this recording, in an incomplete form (minus the end of 3rd Eye & Stinkfist) to some less than desirable company where it was pressed onto both CDR & silver discs being sold all over the world. Also, the aforementioned recording was called things like "Dirge" or "Third Leg" being recorded at "Houston, TX on 12/12/1996 @ Cullen Auditorium" (obviously wrong information, Tool played in FL on the 12/11 & in TN on 12/13; no way a trip to TX would make sense between). For more information on this, click on that link. There was also mention how up until 2004 only incomplete recordings of this were in circulation. However, at one point, had in it's possession this master recording; the DAT itself. 12, 13 years old. I made myself a DAT-1 of this in my own mind legendary performance &, hands-down, legendary recording. Sure, this is a standard set list from this era, however, this recording is still the gold standard for which other Tool audience recordings are judged. The clarity, crispness & overall intensity -- it is easy to understand how many, many people truly thought that this was a SBD recording. I think that says quite a bit. Decided to re-transfer this recording so, finally, a master>transfer of this will be able to replace all of the inferior transfers. The 'complete' version floating around right now in la-la cyber-land is from an unknown CDR so, this, definitely is an upgrade. This recording should be the cornerstone of your Tool collection, it is that good.

Time: 90:06


Third Eye
46 & 2

"This is Justin. He's, uh, he's from Poland."

Prison Sex

"Ever have someone love you so much that they tried to kill you? Or perhaps suck you down into a hole? And you
had to kill them to get away? Me either."


"So, any of you ever watch those Warner Bros cartoons? Sometimes there's that one where the guy is having trouble making a decision; he's got an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Seems pretty obvious right? Usually the angel is the one that's trying to give the good advice, devil's supposed to be giving bad advice and trying to get him to do what is going to be bad for him. It's not always that simple though, most times their not really angels or devils, they are just friends giving you advice, looking out for your best interest but not really understanding what is going to be best for you, so, it comes down to you. You need to make a decision yourself. This song is called H."


"Ever heard of Jesus or Buddha or Krishna or Muhammad or any of those guys? They had some pretty good ideas then their agents started trying to make a little money on them & fucked everything up. Never trust an agent. This song is about those agents".


"Ok. We'll do another one. Unless you don't want us to, we'll leave now if you want. You don't sound very convinced that we should stick around. All right. So, this is our last song. Have to apologize a little, I've been very, very sick for the last couple days so, hope you still enjoyed the show anyway. This song is about cleaning up New York City."