DAT -- Marantz EM8 > Sony TCD-D8
DAT:    Master > 1G DAT Clone
CD:      Master DAT > CD (transfer 2003 by: Per)
Taper:  S.D.
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Notes: Excellent sounding recording. One of the best, actually. Ok, pay attention here. Originally, the taper traded his master DAT out to a trader who mastered the recording with  mixed-up track transitions & cut all the talking between the songs. I have no idea why anyone would do this, for what it's worth. Then, after a whole bunch of messed up versions of this gig were traded out, the same trader (not taper) remastered the show so that the 'new' version had everything in its entirety & in the correct order. Finally, the taper, S.D., got his master's) back. This is the most recent & probably last transfer of this recording from Oct. 2002 & is the first done by the taper. Now, this is, hands down, the best recording from 1997. It sounds, almost, sound-board in quality. Crowd noise is next to non-existent. It should be as, after all, this is the same taper as all those superb France 1993 recordings. If you don't know what I'm talking about... go look. Chances are, if you are a trader, you already have one of his 1993 tapings. And, finally, the performance is simply top-notch. Nothing to add there.
Notes: There are various transfers of this show done by various people at various times ranging from CD clones, DAT clones & various 'version' upgrades. The majority of the transfers sound the same which is to say
the sound quality really comes through on most of theses shows in circulation. Myself, I recently attained a DAT clone from the master & quite a few people do as well. There are quite a few different track times due to the various rips to CD so there is no reason to list them all now. It should be noted that on certain versions of these audio rips, there are various pops or glitches - only a couple CD transfers are flawless. When you listen to the sound, it is hard to believe that a microphone this small and cheap, $80 EURO, can produce such brilliant sound.
Notes: Big thanks to Franck Bazille for the actual ticket from the performance.

Maynardism: "This is our new bass player, Justin. He's from Wales. The French section of Wales"
Maynardism: "You're looking for the place up the street" (to a French guy yelling 'Jesus - save my life!')






















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Crawl Away

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Third Eye
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