July 15, 1998
cu.org DAT-1 clone

DAT --- Sound Board > XLR > Sony TCD-D8 (line-in) @ 48 KHZ
Position: Front of Rail
Transfer: DAT-M > Tascam DA-20 > coax > Audiophile 24/96 > Sound Forge > WAV (transfer by cu.org/GSP)
Taper: Jeff Sebastianelli
: Master Recording or "0" Generation (in WAV)
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes A: This recording was given to a friend by the taper who subsequently traded it to his friends who subsequently made poor decisions and gave it to people who torrented it with improper + incorrect source information while taking a self-servicing, hypocritical & self-serving stance of "anti-elitism" w/o understanding that it was not about a concept of "sharing" but a concept of "real relationships, friendships get tarnished from people not keeping their word". As it is, this recording is sublime in & of it's natural, non-tampered with form. That said, there are all sorts of fools who have downloaded random CDR rips (there were never any DAT clones of this in circulation, ever) & attempted to "remaster" this recording. Why? Hell if I know - everyone seems to think they can add something interesting when there is, simply, not one thing that anyone could add to this recording. That said, the source information above is correct & 100% verified thus all other source information are inaccurate & not real.
Notes B: I think people would be surprised about how low the recording's levels are at. Better to be safe than sorry, right? Yeah. In 48khz one can definitely hear nuances that are lost in the CDR versions at 44.1khz. Hard to describe; hearing this on DAT leaves one with a sense of intimacy with the band that is just lost on an AUD recording. This is the only known, verified sound board recording of Tool post-1993 known to exist. The existence or creation of this was a fluke & a happenstance of fate - let's just say that it was an oversight on the part of a few parties. The Tool SBD capture was definitely a covert, stealth operation & although not sanctioned by anyone, really, somehow this taper, Jeff, managed to pull off perhaps the greatest capture of Tool - ever. The DAT tape has about 12 minutes of intro music. Then, the recording begins with a cut-in of Flood. What I think happened is the taper hit pause or stop in the unit, when the band came on stage he thought it was recording (which it was not) & he pressed record (again) when he checked. Still, this is... well... this is a real SBD recording. Really, this recording continues to, simply, blow my mind. I doubt there will ever be another person to accomplish such a monumental achievement; a SBD Tool recording. Among other recordings, this is definitive evidence of the skill that this taper had and why he is one of the most accomplished Tool tapers - ever, period. So your friend figured out how to work a piece of (sorta high tech) technology? So you pulled 5 sources at a Tool show? So you video taped a show with 14 video camera all in HD while smoking crack while getting head from a midget at a Tool show? This guy pulled a SBD of Tool in 1998. I encourage any & everyone to attempt to pull something as cool as this recording. Go ahead, do it! Oh wait - no, you aren't. And... what a set list. Man, tops!

DAT Master



‘Are you ready to do some of the Good Lords work tonight? Well I’m afraid you have come to the wrong place.’


‘Jesus Christ this suit is hot. Let me introduce the cast and characters to you, if you will. On our revival team we have; the reverend Daniel ‘The Lion Fucker’ Carey. Reverend Maynard `The Slayer of Able´ Keenan. Justin Chancellor unfortunately a Jew. And ‘The Original Sinner’ along with Eve, the reverend Adam Jones.’

Forty-Six & 2

‘Buzz, Buzz. We are gonna have a special guest come out with us on this song. His name is Buzz, he’s in the Melvins. He’s gonna rock the fucking house and kick some ass. So let me hear you say yes! Say yes! Say maybe! Say perhaps! Let me hear you say Buzz!’


‘We are gonna keep Buzz out here for another song. This song is specifically for Michigan. This week; praise God…zilla.’


‘Don’t tell Ted how badly we ruined his song.’


‘We are gonna try something. Let us try something really special tonight. I want you all to find that space; it’s kind of a comfortable space, and at the same time it’s kind of vulnerable. I want you to shut your eyes. I want you to go to that space, comfortable, but vulnerable. We are gonna take a look at something from a different angle to see if we can see it in a different light.’


‘Let us try this once again; let me hear you say yes! Now let us hear it in French oui! And now in Spanish sí! Thank you for coming down, we are gonna see you again soon. This is another song and then we are gonna go.’


‘Thank you, goodnight.’