Analog  --- Sony Cassette Recorder TCS-580V (built-in mic)
Taper:   Duncan
      1st from Master
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Notes: Duncan traveled from England to the States to attend Tool's 4-date mini-tour. His recording's of the March mini-tour have, as of Sept. 2002, been put onto CD yet again by the master taper. CatalystX remastered this recording as well & it is commonly available.
Notes: I think this is one of the best sounding gigs, if not the, for any cassette-sourced Tool recording. Is there much more to say...and, if you can't tell, I'm a big fan of Duncan's tapings because they sound so damn good for the equipment he used. Have a nice, professional feel to them & capture the audience better than most I've heard (taking equipment into account). All in all, very nice. Hard to believe that there are no other -known- AUD recordings of this performance out there. Yes, there are limitations that are audible and no one would confuse this with a SBD recording - ever. But, this is still a good capture of a unique performance. The times below represent two common rips out there, provided as a reference, the 2nd time to represent the 2002 CatalystX remaster.




David Cross - 'Are you ready to party? Alright, well my name is Danny Bertucci. I am a part of the... President of the... uh.. some of the places that are sponsoring the Tool tour this year. We wanna remind you guys that Honey Nut Cherrios is a big part of the Tool tour this year. If you like the great taste of honey and the great taste of nuts all in a round oak fig - try Honey Nut Cherrios, they're irresistible! That's right, we're also being sponsored by Dave's Classy Pizza. That's right, for $52 your pizza comes to you in a limousine. That's class! That's Dave's Classy Pizza! Alright, without further a due, let me welcome to the stage right here in Hollyweird! Ha ha ha... There! Give it to Tool!

CD 1
Time: 49:02


[Chromosone Recording]

46 & 2

MJK - 'Can you feel it?! Are you ready to do some of the good Lord's work? Well, you've come to the wrong place.'

Cold & Ugly
Swamp Song

MJK - 'How many of you were here last night? Are you happy you came back tonight? Are the people who didn't losers? This suit is really hot, but I'm not going to take it off because I'm a slave to fashion... and I look damn good. This song is a disco hit. It's called Disco Lemonade!'

Prison Sex (OTRM)

MJK - 'We have a special guest out here for us tonight. Not only does he have really great hair, but he is the singer/guitarist for The Melvins. This is Buzz.'

(w/ Buzz Osbourne)

MJK - 'Buzz! Buzz, Buzz! We have another freak coming out here too. The bass player, his name is Scott Reeder, from a band called Kyuss. Give the woman those shoes (?)'

Demon Cleaner
(w/ Scott Reeder)

MJK - 'Scott... Reeder.'


MJK - 'So? Did you enjoy the Tablo player earlier? We're going to bring him out on this particular song, so. We've never done this before, this is kinda difficult because Tablo's are incredibly hard to mick because they're such loud 'heavy metal' band. This song is uhh... Kinda a special dedication to a very special person who has uhh... come an incredible distance since this song was written. Uhh... It's not really relevant to this person anymore. Were not even the same people we were when it was written. But, this kind of a tribute to her because she worked so hard and come so far. This song goes out to Quiet.'

Pushit (alt.)
Third Eye

MJK - 'Frank Vince on keyboard. This song goes out to all of you who bought real estate in California!'


MJK - 'We were gonna... Gonna do another song but that guy down there wouldn't show me his tits, so we're gonna leave. Ahaha! There we go. Look at you sweaty young boys... I love that shit. Hey, Ralph Holbert, huh? This is an old song.'


MJK - 'Bye!'