Updated: 10/28/2009

When I first started collecting/trading Tool there was no such thing as a bit-torrent or MP3 and certainly not too much talk about the Internet. Back then, people had lists that specified their own master recordings as well as rarities that they ascertained from someone else after building a relationship through commonalities, shared interest in the music scene and a healthy amount of real, authentic, effort unlike now since many people are used to receiving what they want immediately and feel entitled to "whatever". Most tapers these days have moved on from DAT to what I consider a soul-less recording format; solid-state (note: I too use solid-state but only as an additional source). The end result of this is that, guess what, there seem to be no more DAT lists. I find this to be rather unfortunate for some reason - maybe I need to get into this Century as many people have said to me? Nah. There really is nothing like opening a drawer of 1st Gen or Master DAT recordings of Tool, slowly checking out the dates to think about what type of set list you want to hear as your fingers flip through the tapes until finally you find that one performance/recording that just does it for you. You put the tape in your machine, adjust the volume and listen to the complete performance as you do X, Y or Z. It's not the same experience - just clicking on a computer to find the file you want. More convenient, easier & cheaper - sure - but it's just not the same.  


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