The Collected Live Recording Quiz 
Updated: 01/27/2006

The idea for this section is to test your knowledge of live Tool recordings that are commonly available & are in many collections. Nothing is an "uncommon" audio recording. A lot of people speak of their fanaticism but precious few can back-it-up or have an outlet to test it - here is your opportunity. Think you can identify samples of songs by just listening to it to determine the year - which would give you a hint to the date - which would then give you an idea of the source info.  I have carefully picked out some very common & some not so very common recordings from the archives of The rules of this game/quiz are simple: match the MP3 samples to the date & source information provided. In other words, you have three things to correctly match. The source information & the dates from the MP3 samples are provided. Note - 1:  MP3 samples provided are not the same audio sources listed on the site. Note - 2: There are several "spoilers", meaning more source information & dates than there are MP3 samples, thus, correct answers. How you correctly answer the questions is up to you - if you want to work with others, feel free. When you have an answer, post in the forum.

"How to play" is simple but also relatively difficult, depending on your expertise. There are two levels to this game depending on your collection,  skill & resourcefulness. The first level, "Club" is actually quite hard. The second level, "Arena" AKA "O.G.T." is much harder - if need be, I will upload that but I have a feeling that "Club" will suffice. As a note, some clips may leave you in a state of "huh?", many have the answers "in" them if you know what you are looking for. In other words, the key is sometimes in the lyrics, sometimes in the selection, sometimes it will dawn to you. Or not.

The full MP3 samples are all at 96kbps and are at that rate for ease of use, faster downloads, lower bandwidth usage and they are very accurate representations of the CD-quality recordings.

The overall purpose of this is to assist collectors & fans in gaining more of an appreciation for so many wonderful & quality recordings that are commonly available. This is also important as, hopefully, it will make you re-listen to a superb Tool performance of yesteryear.

Club = Hard (30 Items)    
Arena = OGT (50 Items) - will be uploaded when/if needed

01) Download MP3. Listen - carefully.
02) Match MP3 to source info.
03) Match MP3 to date. 
04) In the appropriate "level", post in
the forum. You do not have to answer all at once + can answer individually.
**HINT: 02) + 03) are interchangeable in order + will often be "parts" of the "answer" **

Keep In Mind:
01) You
have three things to correctly match per item: MP3 / date / source information.
02) Only MP3 samples of the years 1991 - 2002 are contained in this game.
03) There are more dates & source information then there are MP3 samples. This is intentional.
04) No samples are sourced from video except for the year 1992 (due to lack of audio sources).
05) The first person to correctly identify ALL of the samples CORRECTLY will win a prize of some kind from
06) There is no time limit & it does not matter how many times you attempt to identify the correct answer. Myself and/or a moderator will review each COMPLETE submission from
the forum. If a COMPLETE submission has any errors, a simple "no" will be replied. No other information will be given. The work is yours to do... have fun.

Example of Answer: For More Info + A Complete List of Answer-Format: (click here)
EX: Club 01 - 11.23.1996 - Core Sound Binaurals > Sony TCD-D7 (Oade Bros Mod)

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