Update: As of 10/2009; this will not be updated. However, looking over this, there are still a lot of active people on here (from even so far back as 2005). Good luck.

Info: This page is designed to provide a reference for active tapers, collectors and enthusiasts of Tool to interact and trade.  The focus of this resource is regarding Tool & their recordings so all people listed here are primary Tool traders.  Although some may actively trade other bands that may be on a trade list(s) please keep this list Tool-focused.  If you have a website, an etree.org list or something like that, please post on the CU.org "traders hook-up" forum: click here.   I will manually add new trade-lists at least once per month, if I am slacking feel free to send me an email.   If you use an excel spreadsheet, you may contact onebear: email / website who has agreed to give you space for your Tool trade-list and you can upload it yourself for editing but for more info contact him directly.  All trade-lists are in alphabetical order based on name or moniker.  I hope this will prove to be a useful resource! - Galen

    Created: 09/10/2005   /   Updated: 10/22/2009      
  Trader Name Website / Email (click on address) Country Taper?  
  auroboros http://db.etree.org/lateral_us Australia Yes  
  autodefe db.etree.org/auto-de-fe USA Yes  
  broadbent www.tapetrader.com/broadbent USA Yes  
  buffalobossie http://www.huskycorp.com/josh/showdb/index.htm USA Yes  
  cahgoonis http://www.geocities.com/cahgoonis/CahgoonisTradeHome.index.html USA No  
  CatalystX http://www.distortiononline.com/catalystx/tool.html USA Yes  
  cybercode http://db.etree.org/cyberkode USA Yes  
  Dajmo http://www.dajmno.com/ USA Yes  
  dannycarey http://db.etree.org/roger%20daltrey USA No  
  desrtrat http://www.geocities.com/jssmet/ USA Yes  
  distortion http://www.distortiononline.com/ USA Yes  
  dougwithfish doughbot@gmail.com USA No  
  Dunebug http://www.enemyzero.com/greg/ USA Yes  
  eatyourblud eatyourblud@gmail.com Australia ?  
  fbz / Franck B. saussette6702@club-internet.fr France Yes  
  fij http://www.tapetrader.com/phidje France No  
  Galen collectiveunconscious.org USA Yes  
  geordy http://db.etree.org/geordy USA Yes  
  Ions http://db.etree.org/ions USA No  
  Jadg2 http://db.etree.org/james_ramro United Kingdom Yes  
  Jorge http://db.etree.org/Jorge.Costa Portugal No  
  Julien B. http://geocities.com/sunsetstrip/frontrow/5830/bootlist.htm France Yes  
  Karl R. http://mmbootlegs.8m.com/ New Zealand Yes  
  Khanabus http://db.etree.org/khanabus USA No  
  kieflogic http://db.etree.org/kieflogic USA No  
  lysergic db.etree.org/aucollins USA No  
  Malth http://acidface.com USA Yes  
  Mason D. http://bootleg.madwizard.net:5150/ USA Yes  
  melmac http://home.comcast.net/~clayton.doxsee/ USA No  
  mindlattice http://db.etree.org/umindlatt USA No  
  onebear http://onebear.net/ Netherlands Yes  
  neognosis http://db.etree.org/neognosis USA Yes  
  per www.angelfire.com/apes/p_trading/index.htm Norway Yes  
  pineaway http://crotch.endlessrayne.com/list.txt USA No  
  Rawson http://www.geocities.com/gsrawson/ USA Yes  
  Rushfanyyz http://www.tapetrader.com/rushfanyyz USA Yes  
  Ryan A. http://db.etree.org/potsy_monkey USA No  
  Silverjetz http://silverjetz.topcities.com/CrookedPicturesintheHall.htm Canada Yes  
  SpecialK http://karlfrinkle.net/ USA Yes  
  Strangelove http://www.tapetrader.com/strangelove USA No  
  Strutr74 !!!!BAD TRADER!!!!! USA Yes  
  teralus http://onebear.net/host/teralus/index.html New Zealand Yes  
  tevis http://www.tevisband.com USA No  
  Thommi http://db.etree.org/thommi Germany Yes  
  theysayimdead http://www.theysayimdead.net/ USA No  
  tommyphillips http://db.etree.org/tommyphillips/DVD USA No  
  ts http://home.bellsouth.net/p/PWP-lifeisonlyadream USA Yes  
  Tyler G. http://www.angelfire.com/clone/bootlegs/index.html Canada Yes  
  t4oo6l http://db.etree.org/t4oo6l USA Yes