This section is designed to let the user know what new live recording information is newly available & is also a place for updates for cu.org... Archived updates here.

contact after you read FAQ:

"Moving Forwards and Backwards in the Midst of a Global Pandemic"

A) Check one-two can y'all hear me? Been a very long while. Me, been good you know up until a Global fucking pandemic has been ravaging our world let alone the United States which is, currently, led by the most dangerous idiot ever to exist; Trump. Other than that, shit, what have I been up to?  In a nutshell: started having kids (3), switched careers where I work with my wife, taping concerts and spending time with my family as we religiously study the art and practicality of Lachrymology.  We stocked up on tissue so we are doing well. This is especially important when there is a discrepancy between what the kids and adults want to watch on Netflix or YouTube.

B) My man Bobcat and my buddy Nameloc have been providing updated content for cu.org but of course you have not seen any of it. Bobcat, whom I had the pleasure of hanging out with before/after the second of two nights in Toronto, Ontatio back in November, 2019 has sent me a bunch of well-written material which will be up soon-ish... I say soonish but I've not updated this website for six years - it is amazing what working from home will offer oneself. Look forward to these contributors and friends going backwards in time to add additions for what is missing. As for lack of updates, this will change. I have slowly been attempting to teach myself old tricks. For my part,  when I have time to work on this site, I will be focusing on the Tool Museum and updating listing rare items which are in existence which may or may not be in any trading/streaming or downloading circles but get ready for some great reviews. Seriously.

C) Trading - I still get random requests from folks to trade something they did not tape but downloaded. No, thank you. My Tool taste for trades start in 1992, end in 1998 and even then it must be something of real interest/rarity. Moreover, in the past years, the items which have graced my path have been completely unknown to most including me before I took a listen.

D) The Tool Drive Project. Do you know the Tool Drive? It is awesome and it is put together by a group of long-term OGT tapers/collectors/fans who do not profit from any of it. Go here for more information:  https://tooldriveproject.net/  . As you can tell, TDP is not the same as cu.org but it is THE source for ascertaining high quality live Tool recordings for doing, uh, nothing. That said, if you are or were a Tool taper at some point and want to share said recording/s, contact them and add your stuff. Good people and great project; long-running. Conversely, you have something which is not mean for mass consumption and want to keep a wrap on it - contact me here.

E) Point is - CU.ORG is back. Redesign is happening now behind the scenes.

~ Galen

I know it sounds like a broken record but we have some very exciting (and new) things in the works for cu.org.  It is a bit difficult seeing as how everyone involved has a career(s), kids, hobbies other than Tool items but believe me it will be worth the wait.  REALLY old recordings, really new recordings, really cool recordings and some REALLY cool XXXXX coming soon. Check it.
B) Contact Nameloc to contribute source information:
We have some very exciting news to update the site with - an entirely new category of the most rare, decadent and comprehensive Tool collectibles known to exist. Do not want to give too much info about it but we have been working hard on this massive, expansive project. Definitely many items to make your head spin. Stay tuned.
) Do you have a source you would like listed on cu.org? Contact Nameloc: nameloc01@yahoo.com

(as you can tell, not too many. Many old school tapers are now older with arthritic knees, calcium deficient bones & mortgages to pay thus are not as active.
08/07/1992 Unknown Analog
05/18/1994 ECM909>D7
(source clarification)
07/18/2010 ECM719>RH910
01/14/2011 Olympus
01/21/2011 717>M10
01/26/2011 Zoom Q3
01/27/2011 Zoom Q3
01/30/2011 CA14>iHP120
02/02/2011 Zoom Q3
02/06/2012 SMC8>HR09
01/14/2012 MK4>DR2D
01/21/2012 CSC>MT2
01/23/2012 NAKcm300>M1/oadeII (master) - A
01/23/2012 R09 (master) - B
01/23/2012 AT853>MZM100 - C
01/23/2012 Tascam - D
01/25/2012 CSB>M10 - A
01/25/2012 AT853>R900 - B
01/26/2012 CS15>R09
01/28/2012 R09 (internal mics) - A
01/28/2012 M10 (internal mics) - B
01/31/2012 ME104s>DR07
02/01/2012 ATu853>R09 - A
02/01/2012 DPA4061>DR07 - B
02/06/2012 DPA>M10 - A
02/06/2012 M10 (internal mics) - B

A) User Submissions AKA "Write It Up" - Update
I) The user submissions have been slow but sort of steady but I think confusion reigns. Someone emailed me and explained he/she thought the process was too complicated. In order to streamline this - just write down your thoughts, opinions or observations about whatever source/s you want to and that would be fine. There are sources I am working on to add to cu.org as well as other user submissions but this is still an open field for the most part.

A) User Submissions AKA "Write It Up"
I) Effectively, I am completely done trading and for that matter collecting live recordings of Tool. This includes my feeble attempts to download the latest torrent or not, I simply lack the time to devote to this hobby. However, this does not mean cu.org will cease updating. In fact, I thought of a better way to update cu.org - and that is where you come in, if you want to. Did you tape Tool and want to list it as a source on cu.org? Write it up. What sources are not listed on cu.org? Write it up. Did you download some torrents and have some comments about them? Are you a collector who knows they can create much wittier prose than I and sees blatant imperfections and can fix them? Write it up using the format on the template found HERE. Email me before July 7, 2012 to the email address on the template and I will add the sources to cu.org. To make things easier, I will start a list of sources people submit so duplication of work will not occur. Your name/moniker will be a part of cu.org. To start, 2011 and 2012 are completely open with no reviews and I know there numerous random sources missing... 
II) Guidelines: Sources and shows not listed already on cu.org.
III) Fourth Eye: Big thanks to the most excellent Tool site around, Fourth Eye, for making note of user submissions for this site. Much appreciated.

A) Updates
I) Example of two of at least a handful of emails sent to me, the first: "For a guy who's supposed to be all about Tool you haven't done anything on the site, what gives?"
Addressing the first issue with one word: time. Time is all we have, isn't it? My time is and has been best spent with my wife, exploring the world with my son, working on our house, living in the only sane city in the mid-west (Ann Arbor, MI) oh and I have a full time career which often gets in the way with working on this Tool website which is and has never, ever brought in any monetary gain (i.e.: this is one of my hobby's, I do it because I like it). Also, I've been writing quite a bit and am close to completion of a major project, whatever close means, right? Mr. Nameloc has been hard at work downloading torrents and putting together some fine reviews, I have a few too. Things are different these days, trading as I knew it is effectively dead. And that's ok, we all have to be flexible with change. As it is, now that the most recent Tool tour is complete the site will be updated with the recordings "out there". This consists mainly of torrents because that is the main way recordings are shared these days. That said, a couple taper friends sent me a few things of interest which will also be part of the update. Bottom line - Updates are coming. This is still fun. The day this, cu.org, seems like a job is the day the site goes dark.
And possibly one of my favorite variations: "Why don't you fill in the gaps in my collection and send me your stuff." (Note: I left out explicit language for the kiddies out there). It was weird, in the course of a few months I had these intense, angry and focused emails directed towards me telling me I owe it to the scene or some things such as that.  In response, all I can say is that's not my job, obligation or concern. Is there another way to say it? I do not have the drive, time or interest to go through my old CD books to find random sources which cu.org ascertained six, eight, twelve years ago or whatnot. My thought is it is always much more enriching to do something for your self rather than rely on the kindness of strangers. That said, for those who are serious & are willing to contribute in some manner, the folks at The Tool Drive project (click here) may able to help you out. Karl & Geordy are solid tapers and collectors - be confident, they will not steer you wrong.

A) New Perspective
I) CU.org is very pleased to welcome a good friend, taping buddy, fellow Tool enthusiast and certified lachyromolgist extraordinaire, nameloc, to the website. Jason is taking over the trading, collecting, writing and associated duties associated with keeping this site as relevant as possible as I do not have the time at this point. He is a stand-up guy, fiercely intelligent and is 100% trustworthy. He is old school, by the way, so keep that in mind when you deal with him. If you want to trade, share, give a review, etc., etc. - contact him with the subject line: TOOL. His email: nameloc01@yahoo.com As for Galen, I will still upload the pages once they are completed. 

And that's that for now. Update forthcoming.

A) The Good
I) Our son is over 6 months old now and is simply amazing. He's sitting up and beginning to crawl. He continues to sleep (mostly) through the night as well. Some of his favorite songs seem to be Jack Johnson With My Own Two Hands, The Postal Service Such Great Heights, Grateful Dead Operator, Beatles Let It Be and the Bellybutton Song by Sandra Boynton. It's the greatest feeling, most rewarding thing in the world, being his dad. I think it's true that having kids changes things but the change is enriching. To see him smile, to hear him talk - forming new words, adapting to language - and to teach him about the beauty (and someday, the sorrow) of this short, sweet life is not a task but a calling. It's like, you think you have a good life then things just get bigger, they get more. More love, more family and fun times. We have an amazing Nanny two days of the week, the wife has a day off and I work home two days a week so we are able to deliver consistency in caregivers and work to deepen the parental bonds which, hopefully, will help him be able to adapt in this ever changing world in which we live in - both interpersonally by having more than a superficial understanding on human nature and learn to embrace diversity, teach those who are ignorant and educate those who seek to perceive from different paradigms by being a flexible, introspective and kind individual.
II) In a parking lot outside of the St. Charles Tool show this past summer, a pal and fellow taper, Nameloc (who made the insane 9+ hr one-way drive with me) and I sat in 100.3° heat attempting to keep cool by drinking Beer and discussing the experimental work of Jackson Pollock when a delightful vision approached my truck: A true fan, an OGT. A fan who is a fan amongst fanatics and he isn't shy about expressing it. Seeing a potential once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make contact with (I think he was 'Dave' from Rosetta Stoned), I grabbed my trusty iPhone and dashed into the heat. Verbally giving my approval with shrieks of delight I asked this fan if I could photograph him, he said yes. What he did not give me permission is to use his likeness, so, his identity has thus been obfuscated. For full pictures, click here for the front and here for the back. This, my friends, is taking it to the next level. If I am ever lucky enough to meet this guy again I would absolutely buy him a beer; simply awesome, I truly mean that. Plus, whoever did all the stitching did just a hell of a job, professionally done.
III) I cannot recommend The Arcade Fire's new album The Suburbs highly enough. It is a multi-textured concept album with songs that are infectious, complex and both beautiful and haunting. Funeral and Neon Bible are definitely worth picking up too.
) The Bad
Rather surprised, I've had quite a few people ask me about the Funny Story I mentioned in a previous update about a Puscifer show. Now, this is rather contentious information but it is what it is. I hit three Puscifer shows this past March. The first show, I was with a few friends. One of the friends received a text from this kid who's apparently afraid to tape Tool (well, his equipment has) mentions something about the show. This kid from outside of Cleveland thinks it's funny to post a fake show entry on db.etree.org specifying the type of vehicle I, myself, owned before I upgraded to a Land Cruiser last month and listing it as "IEM from vehicle." Now, I had no idea this happened, I don't check that site everyday. Then, two days later, I go to the first of two shows at the Royal Oak Music Theatre. I'm sitting there in my truck, relaxing before the show, next to the venue. Knowing the show begins at exactly 9:00PM, I was just prepping my DPA 4061 > M1/0adeII for security to go inside when, all of a sudden, there's two police cars with their lights on - parked in front of me and directly next to me. Anyone keeping track, it's approximately 8:40PM at this point. Confused, I get out my vehicle and close the door. Two officers walk up to me, I inquire as to what is in fact going on. The main officer responds that the venue and band received an anonymous tip that someone matching my vehicle's description was "recording the show with a cell phone". With a cell phone? I said back to the officer that's nuts. The other officer wrote down my plates and walked into his police car - good thing I don't have any warrants. He replied that he needs to search my car to see if I had a "DAT." I say, "A DAT? Uh, yeah, I do actually have a DAT machine." I explained further that I was "attempting to get an interview with the lead singer but was struck down." He asks me then if it's Ok for him to search my vehicle. I, obviously, decline his offer explaining that not only had I not done anything wrong but I had been paying the meter for my time thus assisting with taxes for his city. He looked at me, shook his head, shined his light in the truck and reminded me of the three hour time limit for meters. Both officers walked away and got back into their cars, one driving away the other cop who I talked to backed up. He got back out of his car and talked to the house X-Men Security and, who else, Todd Fox - for those that may not know that's MJK's right hand man, head of protection. It's now maybe 8:53PM, I finish my preparations from the truck & walk up to the front door. There's no one in line, I can hear Maynard's 'speech' at the beginning of the shows where he's talking about no flash, recorders, whatever from outside. I ask the venue security guy what the hell that was all about, he said the same thing that the cop told me, "A tip." I walk to the front door and there are four security people, an African American woman pats me down, reaches a certain position and is like "what's that?" I explain that the security fella, who was smoking a cigarette by the curb, told me not to bring a cell phone in but I had to have it regardless (which is true). She nods her head. A guy next to her looks at me and takes my ticket, writing down the seat number and tells me there are 'watching me'. I walk into the bathroom, get my equipment set up in haste, hit record and walk out during the first song. Bought a quick beer and walked down to my 5th row center seat and watch the show - it was the Airplane show, if that makes sense. Pretty good too. I did not touch my levels, not even once. Didn't check a thing... After the show, I go home and my mind is racing. I'm just like WTF? I check my emails, nothing. I check my forum, nothing. I check etree.org to add my source for the night and, boom, I see the bogus entry - an entry which, thanks to the prompt staff of etree removed w/o haste. Through a large favor I was able to ascertain the approximate geographic location of the poster via IP address. A second cousin actually works for Live Nation, I asked him about what happened. Few days later he told me someone sent the band and/or venue an email and link to etree informing them about my vehicle and nasty intentions. I sent a few emails to the person responsible, no reply and no recognition. Doesn't matter. Let this be a lesson, you cannot trust the anonymous petty minions who dominate cyberspace. Punks, kids who have little going on in their lives who attempt to set up someone? That is pathological behavior. The second night, though, I chose to park away from the venue. Better safe than sorry. It's not a conspiracy if they are really out to get you! 
C) The Ugly
I don't know what it is but I often hear the same cry from random people, specifically, a demand that cu.org needs to be hast in "releasing" everything or "getting all of the gems out". There are a lot of gems out, now. The thing is, the stuff that cu.org may or may not have listed on this reference site, in many cases, was given in confidence, trust in order to accomplish a goal. There are, surprising as it is, tapers who do not jump immediately to torrent or release a recording. There are tapers who just want to give things to friends and not, say, torrented online. I just want to make this clear: If there is anything listed on cu.org that is not in trade circulation it is because someone asked me to not do anything with it. I stick to my word even though there are some folks in this world who, well, their 'word' changes and degrades over time. This site is meant to be a guide to what is possibly available out there, not a fast food menu for anyone to pick and choose what they want to eat. There are no options to download a show or upload a show or anything like that on this site - there never has, never will be. Cu.org is a resource guide - that is all. If I hear one more kid sitting behind a computer saying cu.org/me/Galen is an elitist hoarder for not giving me everything I want in  torrents I'm fairly sure my head will implode much akin to a black hole. There is this misconception, I think, that cu.org was given everything on the site by luck or happenstance rather than devoting ~14 years to the hobby of collecting, taping and doing this darn website. Allow me to repeat, cu.org is a resource guide, that is all. It is free for you, it costs me over $200.00 USD a year to operate the site. No one helps me with anything on cu.org, it's all one person doing this as a hobby. You don't like this imperfect, subjective website listing most recordings (I've learned to not list everything) then don't use it. Averaging ~900 hits a day (unique on main page in the "off season") and either the second or third site on google when you type in "Tool live" (albeit cu.org is many pages in if you search "Tool") it seems many users enjoy the site and find it useful. And for that I'm glad. For those demanding action and cu.org to flood the market I urge you to, indeed, learn to swim.
) Source Info
Updated as of 11/2010. Now, once it is posted most likely another source has already popped up somewhere. Unfortunately, I'm unable to update it each time something new pops up so when it is updated it is most likely going to be post-tours (such as now). This source includes people that have emailed me and/or posted on cu.org. If I'm missing something, let me know:
) The Updates
I decided to stop using MP3 samples for 2009-2011 shows since, judging by the number of downloads of the ~30 sec samples over the past year it seems like a waste of time and space; few people used them from 2009 since almost all sources came from torrents, same as 2010.

12/11/1996 - Sony Mic>WM-D3
08/23/2002 - CSB>M1 - E
09/02/2002 - CSB>D7 - B
10/19/2002 - CSB>M1 - E
05/04/2006 - KM140>D7
09/03/2003 - Mics>MD - B
08/22/2009 - SPBMC3>RH10
06/19/2010 - DPA4061>MTII - A
06/19/2010 - Video - B
06/22/2010 - ECM909>MTII
06/23/2010 - CA-14>M10
06/26/2010 - ATU853>M100 - A
06/26/2010 - DPA4061>M1/OadeII (MASTER) - B
06/26/2010 - ECM717>Zoom H2 - C
06/28/2010 - MM-HLSC-1>R09 - A
06/28/2010 - DPA4060>D8 - B
06/29/2010 - DPA4060>D8
07/01/2010 - AT853>MT
07/05/2010 - SPCMC8>R09
07/09/2010 - CA>R09
07/10/2010 - NAK>Olympus
07/12/2010 - CMC34>DR2D
07/15/2010 - Church Cards>iRiver
07/16/2010 - MK4>R09 - A
07/16/2010 - CSB>MTII - B
07/19/2010 - MK4>R09

A) The Final Update? Apparently Not.
Well - I was taken aback when Tool announced another mini-tour for 2010. For some reason I incorrectly presumed they would take some time off. Nope. Expecting little more than the same set they've toured with since 2006 (roughly) the addition of Third Eye, Intolerance, Eon Blue Apocalypse/The Patient & the debut of Intension was/is a welcomed experience for the senses. This is the band we enjoy. Was able to catch one show this tour; they are sounding great. So, yes, cu.org will continue be updated with known sources consisting primarily of torrent-sourced recordings. Cu.org is not trading nor looking to trade. As it is, cu.org is in the process of ascertaining sources & an update will occur once the tour is over (a few months later perhaps). For those that want to update sources for the 2010 Source Information - login to the forum & add your information there.
B) Funny Stories!
Who doesn't like funny stories? Have you heard the one about the scorned poser-taper who wrote a bogus entry on etree then somehow, miraculously, yours truly was accosted by the local Law (as the venue + band security watched from afar) at of all things a Puscifer show? Funny - that was a good one. What about the one where you know someone uses stuff you gave them -as a gift- as trade-bait even though they swore that would never happen? Ha - that's a funny one too.
Hey, ya' heard the one about the pope, the rabbi,..and the... EHH,..EHH,..EHH?
) Baby
Our son, Lennon, was born on May 1, 2010. He is an absolute delight, quick learner, bright & man I cannot even describe how much love we have for him. Pretty sure his favorite thing to do these days is laugh + smile. Some random folks have asked - no pictures forthcoming.

A) The Final Update?
Hello. Has been a while since the site was properly updated; seems about 2 years has passed since the last real content was put online. Amazing how fast time really does go. By the time you start to realize that you are getting older it's already happened. Life's funny like that. This will serve as the final installment of updates for the immediate future. As such, this update is considered at least a little bit special from my perspective. This last/final update is essentially my contribution to the hobby, to the live music of Tool, to the friendships I've made or lost, the people who have past away & to the future. Perhaps some of the items (i.e.: 'new' source) will be old hat to you or perhaps some may pique your curiosity & put a fire in your gut to go out + tape. Hunt for unknown, undistributed live recordings. Scour old DAT, analog & CDR lists. Contribute. But do not contact cu.org for assistance for a random recording. Cu.org/Galen is not interested in trading, period. For the most part, I've been out of it for a long time. For about a good 10 years, I had my head in the trading/collecting game emailing, contacting, searching & scouring where ever I could to pull up sources. I was quite successful at this. And the result of that game is this entire website, including this update. At this point there is zero interest from me nor do I have the time or inclination to do more than I have - the amount of energy I had to put forth to actually dedicate in regards to completing these updates has been a struggle - but is also quite fun to see it all come together. There is always something more pressing that I should be doing instead of this; I'm not in college anymore as I was back in the Lateralus-era. Pretty much everything from the cu.org collection is now listed online. That said, there are some items that I simply should not nor will not list thus they have been excluded. Suppose one could argue that ~90% of everything cu.org has heard is listed; just to give a perspective.  A quick note about the bulk of material, much of it may be not massively released, however, it is out there. As always, this site was designed to be the reference-point for the live recording of Tool and with this update 'this is it' for a while unless something changes. Good luck. This is essentially the end of a journey/collection/obsession that started trading via the Goldmine when I was just a kid growing up in Charlevoix, MI... and that was a whopping 13, 14 years ago. Started as a teen-ager, now I am in my 30's. Haha. Ah well, has been a good ride. All  Tool; I've never actually really traded/collected a band like this. A little bit with a band called The Stone Roses from the UK but not nearly to this extent. I've made a lot of good friends that I know I will always have & I've met a lot of people I really wish I had not ever met. But I'm sure for some the feeling is mutual but as it is I step out with a lot of fond memories with much more pleasure than pain. Why am I writing this, why are you reading this? I guess on some level we both are kind of interested - suppose that's rationale enough. I spent a lot of time recently rereading many reviews, particularly old ones, and there are many things about this site or reviews or opinions I would change! But, alas, this website is imperfect but yet semi-coherent (much like I am ;o) & hopefully will remain a resource for you + other collector's for a very, very long time to come. As long as I continue to pay ~$20 a month this site will remain here for you, the fan of Tool, the collector as this is a small price to pay for assurance that this will remain a resource indefinitely, or, whatever that really means.
A-1) Caveat
The savvy collector will notice that there are not any IEM recordings listed on this website even though numerous are floating in the trading pool/torrents. Now, why is that? To me, it's rather simple. Tool are an active group & may tour again in the future. I firmly believe that releasing any bands IEM recording(s) is a reckless thing to do.  I say this with at least a certain amount of  understanding behind this paradigm; having researched it - it appears that those types of recordings are illegal! This website will adhere to all laws and will not glorify those who do not abide by the letter of the law. To be clear,  cu.org will not make note of those recordings even though a small handful are floating around in some capacity or another.
) Legends & Dis N DAT
The more astute reader will notice that there is now a section entitled 'Legends'. These are a select group of tapers that, I think, are legends in this hobby. As such, this section is for them in recognition of their contribution. Also, I spent some time putting together a definitive DAT list; pretty cool.
) Vinyl Section - update
Hmm. Long story short: unless you read about an official 'vinyl release' from Blair via toolband.com & you can verify such existence with other retail/media outlets. There are a lot of vinyl bootlegs. Remember, if you didn't already know, that vinyl is cool again (I never knew it wasn't) so there are just tons & tons of vinyl bootlegs of every major band floating around. Be aware of bootleg copies of
Ænema; in May 2009 my wife + I saw multiple copies for sale in Camden Market in Camden Towne, London, England in a couple stalls. All 'white' promo copies, pink, blue, whatever - it's all bullshit - and the inner art is missing. Stay away from the junk. I've also seen these on eBay. There are also bootleg Parabola & I'm sure there will be more. There are also bootleg 10,000 Days vinyl. Basically, someone takes a CD, puts it to a unit that can transform that information to WAV file (or on the fly) & simply transfers the sound to vinyl via a home-made machine. Most are done through small home-based, hobby businesses but there is a larger market that actually presses thousands and thousands of currently-in print vinyl (i.e.: Beatles - Let It Be (reissue)) as cheaper knock-offs to sell at a cheaper price.  Specifically for the Tool bootlegs, that I have seen, I would say most are made by 1-3 people as the niche is relatively small whereas the type, design and location of seller(s) of these recordings tend to be in certain spots in the world.
) Past Year or so / Personal / Non-cu.org related
Let's see... Most importantly, we are expecting our child due in Spring 2010; I cannot explain nor shall I the love, the emotion & the interest I have in this new chapter in our lives. This is a gift & an expression of the love my wife & I have for each other; this is a beautiful & wonderful thing/event. Can only wish you, dear friend, the same in your future (or past - if so you understand where I am coming from). Hmm... In July 2008 Sarah & I travelled to France for a ~2 week drive from Naples-area up through the mountains and staying in various Chateaus, small B&B and even a 14th Century Castle to end our trip in Paris where we stayed for 4 nights right around the corner from the Louvre. Absolutely beautiful country & the culture is superb. This was in celebration of our 5th year wedding anniversary. Picture from first night in Paris:
click here . Second night there, we met up with Franck + Karine Bazille which was a lot of fun; having known FBZ for years via this hobby then to hang out in person was a real treat - for those that know him, believe it or not, he is even nicer in person than he is 'online'. In April 2009, we went on a cruise with 3 other couple/friends to Mexico/Caribbean where we, among other things, swam with dolphins and drank a massive amount of booze. In May, Sarah & I travelled to London, England for a long weekend where we saw our old University 'haunts' so to speak from 2001, dropped a bunch of cash but had just a wonderful time. Also, randomly, saw the first performance of The Lightning Seeds in ~12 years in Leicster Square. In August, I travelled an obscene amount of miles in my 4Runner to witness Tool perform the same set 3x - that said, was a great time even with the stale set list; met up with my bro Ryan for the shows in Canada & taped with Nameloc in Cincinnati, OH. What else... we bought a 2006 Range Rover, had a few parties this summer & are settling into our new, new home.
) And for Now, So Long
This is essentially the end of a journey/collection/obsession that started trading via the Goldmine when I was just a kid growing up in Charlevoix, MI... and that was a whopping 13, 14 years ago. Started as a teen-ager, now I am in my 30's. Ha. Ah well, has been a good ride. All  Tool; I've never actually really traded/collected a band like this. A little bit with a band called The Stone Roses from the UK but not nearly to this extent. I've made a lot of good friends that I know I will always have & I've met a lot of people I really wish I had not ever met. But I'm sure for some the feeling is mutual but as it is I step out with a lot of fond memories with much more pleasure than pain. Why am I writing this, why are you reading this? I guess on some level we both are kind of interested - suppose that's rationale enough. I spent a lot of time recently rereading many reviews, particularly old ones, and there are many things about this site or reviews or opinions I would change! But, alas, this website is imperfect but yet semi-coherent (much like I am ;o) & hopefully will remain a resource for you + other collector's for a very, very long time to come.

Goodbye, for now.


) Final Updates:   ~110
09/05/1991 - SBD
02/01/1993 - SBD
02/10/1993 - SBD
02/11/1993 - SBD
02/12/1993 - SBD
02/23/1993 - SBD
04/19/1993 - Unknown - updated new source
05/24/1993 - SBD
05/25/1993 - SBD
05/27/1993 - SBD
06/04/1993 - SBD
06/07/1993 - SBD
06/18/1993 - SBD
06/19/1993 - SBD
06/20/1993 - SBD
06/23/1993 - SBD
06/25/1993 - SBD
06/26/1993 - SBD
06/28/1993 - SBD
06/29/1993 - SBD
07/01/1993 - SBD
07/02/1993 - SBD
07/05/1993 - SBD
07/06/1993 - SBD
07/08/1993 - SBD
07/10/1993 - SBD
07/12/1993 - SBD
07/13/1993 - SBD
07/16/1993 - SBD
07/20/1993 - SBD
07/23/1993 - SBD
07/24/1993 - SBD
07/25/1993 - SBD
07/28/1993 - SBD
07/30/1993 - SBD
07/31/1993 - SBD
08/01/1993 - SBD
08/04/1993 - SBD
08/07/1993 - SBD
08/29/1993 - SBD / (AKA: 01-31-1993)
09/06/1993 - SBD / (AKA: 01-27-1993)
xx/xx/1994  - Interview
03/17/1994 - ECMDS10P>D3 - Source B
05/26/1994 - Unknown / Incomplete
xx/xx/1995 - No Quarter "demo" (non-Salival)
10/16/1996 - 959>D7 - Source B
11/23/1996 - CSB>D7/oadeII - update
12/19/1996 - 959A>D7 - Source B
02/12/1997 - Unknown Analog
02/27/1997 - CSB>D8/oadeII - update
03/01/1997 - CSB>D8/oadeII - update
07/11/1997 - ?>WMD6 - Source C
08/16/1997 - Marcsounds>D8/'Hagar Remaster'
07/03/1998 - ?>WM-D6
07/05/1998 - ?>WM-D6 - Source D
07/14/1998 - CSB>D8/oadeII - update
07/15/1998 - SBD>D8/line-in - update
07/22/1998 - CSB>D8/oadeII
08/11/1998 - Radioshack Mics>MD
08/24/1998 - Unknown Analog
08/29/1998 - 959A>D7 - Source C (complete)
10/10/1999 - SSDM6>D6 (Master) - Source G
07/23/2001 - Unknown>MT20W - Source B
09/24/2001 - CSB>D8/oadeII - Source C
09/25/2001 - CSB>D8/oadeII
09/27/2001 - CSB>D8/oadeII - Source C
11/01/2001 - SPSC>D100 - (upgrade to DAT-M)
11/10/2001 - ZS90>MT-15

04/27/2002 - Unknown>MT20W - Source B
08/12/2002 - CSB>D8/oadeII
08/23/2002 - CSB>M1/oadeII - Source D
08/24/2002 - CSB>M1/oadeII - Source C
08/25/2002 - CSB>M1/oadeII - Source D
08/26/2002 - CSB>MT877 - Source C
08/30/2002 - SKM140>M1/oadeII - Source C
08/31/2002 - DPA4061>MT877 - Source B
09/01/2002 - Unknown
09/05/2002 - CSB>M1/oadeII
09/07/2002 - CSB>M1/oadeII - Source C
10/19/2002 - CSB>M1/oadeII - Source D
10/23/2002 - CSB>M1/oadeII - Source B
11/24/2002 - CSB>M1/oadeII - Source F
05/10/2006 - CSB>D100 - Source B
09/21/2006 - SPBMC>RH10 - Source F
12/07/2006 - HEB4061>D100 - Source B
05/15/2007 - SPBMC>RH10 - Source C
05/26/2007 - SPBMC>RH10 - Source E
06/17/2007 - SPCMC8>R09
07/01/2007 - Unknown - Source C
07/05/2007 - Unknown - Source F
08/13/2007 - Multi-Angle DVD + AUD sync
08/25/2007 - HEB4061>D8 - Source B
11/16/2007 - GSALC>MZRH1
12/13/2007 - DCR-HC42+DPA4061AUD - Source D(VD)
07/18/2009 - Zoom H2
07/24/2009 - AT851>RH910
07/27/2009 - 4061>MT - Source A
07/27/2009 - ZoomH2 - Source B
07/29/2009 - HEB>MT
07/30/2009 - MK4>R09
08/04/2009 - DPA4061>R09 (Master) - Source A
08/04/2009 - 853>MZ900 - Source B
08/04/2009 - 853>R09 - Source C
08/04/2009 - OKMIIR>LS10 - Source D
08/05/2009 - DPA4061>R09 (Master) - Source A
08/07/2009 - DPA4061>R09 (Master) - Source A
08/07/2009 - AT853>HiMD/M100 - Source B
08/07/2009 - SPCMC8>R09 - Source C
08/08/2009 - DPA4061>R09


A) WTF Happened to CU.ORG?
Despite a rather unimpressive lack of updates, believe it or not, things at CU.org have been... um... slow. Why? Not many new sources have shown up over the past year. Yes, sure, a few random torrents, a couple of new additional sources that are not going to blow your socks off & other stuff. However, this other stuff is what is cool as I will be & have been working when I can on updates to this site (and if you are reading it I think you care at least a little bit about this, eh?). More on that when the next update is... which is... probably in Feb/March 2009. I hope you will find it worth the wait. I have maybe 60+ updates of stuff when this happens. I know things have been slow here but oh well I am married, have a fulltime professional job & devote much of my free time to attempting to  understand just where a lot of my 401K has gone.

B) WTF is new?
Hmmm - back in July Sarah (my wife) & I went overseas to France for about 2 weeks on a road trip --- from the south in Nice to Paris; was awesome. Don't worry, I'll post a few picks of our trip for the hell of it - um, because I can. In Paris, we hooked up with good friends, Franck + Karine Bazille, for a night of cuisine, laughs & talk of Tool (and the fine art of what not to wear as a US citizen on vacation). Oh, we hit Amsterdam as well - high times in dope land. Obama was elected President. People make a huge deal of the fact that he is an African American. I make a huge deal that he is not a sociopath hell-bent on destroying our environment, the reputation of America & is waaaaay more intelligent than McCain & his Nazi right-wing Xian Fundamentalist pundit, Palin. But really though, we've been on board with him for a while- you read 'The Audacity of Hope'? You should, very good reading --- America, thank you for *not* fucking this past election up. Oh & in Michigan, where I live, the citizens passed two Proposals. Prop 1 decriminalizes use/possession/manufacture of marijuana for those that have a prescription (thank you) & Prop 2 which clarified language which allows stem cells that were + have been thrown away (from fertility clinics) to be used at Universities & independent researchers for studies that, hopefully, will help those that need it. So, Michigan, thank you for not fucking those up. I can say that for the first time in my 30 years of life I am proud to be an American. Because we do have hope. Amazing, yes, as the past 8 years of republican rule has completely destroyed our economy, tarnished the perception of America on the world stage.

) WTF are updates coming?
They are coming. See above, at A.
A) Content Updates - Some Notes on New Sources (for next update)
Below, at section F), are the new additions of new sources, dates, whatever. There are 59 new updates/sources to cu.org. Honestly, I have a pile of stuff that I need to get to such as the master SSDSM6 > Sony WM-D6 (thanks to taper: Ballz!) of Coachella 1999 - those that may have a finger on sources; this is the last known source (to exist) of the infamous Coachella 99 performance. And the taper graciously sent me his master cassette. I took a listen on my old Sony tape home-deck. Good God, this source is going to blow you away - it sounds amazing all things considered and such a classic performance. Problem with this is I need to transfer it to WAV & maybe do some light clean-up. Also, hopefully some other tapes in the works as well. Have my finger on a few other things including a couple DAT-1's of some classic performance from the mid 1990s... and some random torrents recently released. Oh, and videos of the last two nights of the Las Vegas shows as well; the first night synched up to my DPA 4061 audio. Fact is, right now, I already have a bulk of sources completed & I keep coming up with excuses to not work on this site or listen to Tool (it kind of hits me & for a period of time all I do is listen to Tool's live performances). Sometimes when it feels like a job it is easy to let-go. But, with this new update at least it's as up to date as it needs to be until I can put in the time, research, dedication & actual enjoyment that I get while engaging in this hobby; talking with collectors, listening to the musical performance(s)  & doing cu.org. So, no fear, new updates again at some point in the near future most likely to be a smaller update but hopefully the quality will outweigh the quantity. Until then, take care of yourself & please, please, please - wash that Lateralus-era tee shirt. Please. It smells like fries & earth worms.

B) Trade? B&P?
There are several people that seem to get a bit frustrated when they send me an email w/a request for a trade & do not get a response back from me. Some people just continue to send emails & remain pleasant, some are much less pleasant. The fact is, honestly, a new source for 2006 or 2007 that you offer me in regards to said trade-offer is not going to move me nor will a sob story or tale of how it was your brothers favorite show but he is in a coma after taking too much E & you think that if you play a copy of the recording for him that will awake him from his coma - well, not sure what to say to that. Truth is, 99% of stuff these days that someone has to offer either someone I know already (who is active as a trader) has it or it will be available at some point in the near future. As such, my interest in setting up a trade & completing it with someone is null since it all tends to happen anyway. This is how the FLAC/bittorrent revolution has affected my Tool trading. Since everything is so easy & available then everything is just everywhere. Even the folks that I trade with regularly have opinion that I am slower than molasses in January. Just have other stuff going on these days. So, unless you happen to be someone with possession of some interesting, rare items of Tool chances are I am not & will not be interested in a trade. Chances are, 7-8 years ago (hell even 5-4 years ago) I would be all-about trading for some more AUD stuff. But now, not really as per the rationale above. So, to those people that think I am intentionally trying to be a dick, I'm actually not. I just have other things to do then clone stuff for you to just be a nice guy. So you could look at it in one of two ways. You could be mad about this or you could dig under every nook + cranny to find some new Tool (i.e.: something rare). The choice is yours. For those that send B&P requests... please, please, stop. I'm not going to do anything like that - not now or later. However, sometimes people on the forum will be nice & torrent something for you as it has happened once or twice.

C) Those Torrented SBDs from 2004....
Has anyone been around here long enough to remember a few SBDs that were torrented in 2004? The people that did it messed up the source info since it was fake & many people ended up mixing 2 up two of the SBDs with each other. Soundboard in a nutshell... 02/04/1993 has been confused as 06/09/1993. There is not an actual known performance of 06/09/1993. The SBD source of 06/09/1993 is actually the performance from 06/11/1993 as verified by AUD recording of same date (this is a different issue that the SBD issue itself but still important. These
changes are reflected on the site. I think the issue of confusion had a lot to do with some people just mislabeling this 2/4/1993 source & the 6/9/1993 source. Since both were torrented at the same time it makes sense that people, somewhere, got confused. A friend of mine named Geordy happened to have the original torrents from years ago.

) Fancy-Smancy Splash (or spalsh) Page!
Big thanks to Z or onemotive for the know-how, artistic eye & patience (in regards to detailing step-by-step what I need to do to get it going properly, online). Some long-time users of cu.org may recognize a couple of those jpegs as they were at times on the main page. I think it adds just a little bit rather than one static image.

) Other Stuff & Random Updates
Did some behind the scenes stuff like correcting dates on the years. This includes type-errors. Thanks to the only chick that really is into Tool; Geordy, for being so OCD by telling me all about & to regulars at the forums that point out stuff that is missing. Speaking of which, if a random MP3 does not download or something... well, too bad. I think probably 99% of all the MP3 samples are correct & are working but a few are either MIA or are incorrect. Well, I'm sorry but I will not be going through each link to then determine what is wrong then digging through piles of discs & those in my CD logic cases to fix such a minor issue.  Also did a cursory, quick update to the 2006 + 2007 source information main page. The individual source info pages were not updated this time; you can tell as I date the updates. I did update all of the year>center pages with new or additional recommended recordings including making every link active again so people can simply click on it & voila, you are there.

F) Content Update
04/23/1992 - Aiwa HS-M2 - (Upgrade)
02/04/1993 - update
06/09/1993 - update
09/11/1993 - update
06/22/2006 - Unspecified Video Recording - A
09/09/2006 - AT831>R09 - C
09/15/2006 - SPBMC12>MT2486 - C
09/22/2006 - SP-CMC8>RH1 - E
11/19/2006 - Unknown Audio Recording - C
11/27/2006 - Unspecified Video Recording - A
12/09/2006 - Interview / BBC
12/13/2006 - KM140>R09 - A
05/12/2007 - CSB>M100 - B
05/15/2007 - MK4>Marantz - A
05/15/2007 - DPA4061>MZRH10 - B
05/17/2007 - DPA4061>MZRH10 - A
05/21/2007 - DPA4061>MZRH10 - D
05/22/2007 - DPA4061>MZRH10 - A
05/24/2007 - DPA4061>MZRH10 - A
05/26/2007 - DPA4061>MT - B
05/26/2007 - CSB>MT2496 - C
05/26/2007 - DPA4061>MZRH10 - D
06/02/2007 - DPA4061>MT - A
06/04/2007 - CA-STC11>M1 - (Upgrade: DAT-1)
06/15/2007 - MK4>702 - C
06/15/2007 - MK4>R09 - D
06/16/2007 - DPA4061>R09 - A
06/20/2007 - DPA4061>R09 - A
06/20/2007 - SPCMC8>R09 - B
06/22/2007 - DPA4061>R09 - A
06/22/2007 - CSB>MT2496 - B
06/24/2007 - SPSCPC>MT - A
06/24/2007 - AT+CSC>MZN1 - B
06/26/2007 - AT853>MT2496 - A
07/03/2007 - SP-CMC8>RH1 - D
07/03/2007 - DPA4061>MT - E
07/04/2007 - CAC>JB3 - A
07/04/2007 - CSB>MT2496 - B
07/05/2007 - SP-CMC8>RH1 - E
07/12/2007 - ZR800 Video - C
08/09/2007 - MK4>R09 - A
08/12/2007 - Canon HV20 Video - A
08/21/2007 - MK4>R09 - A
08/25/2007 - OKMIIRS>D7 - Remaster
08/28/2007 - Canon HV20 Video - C
08/28/2007 - MBHO>MT2496 - D
08/28/2007 - ECM717>D100 - E
09/02/2007 - JVC GR-D340 (audio) - A
11/17/2007 - DPA4061>Edirol R-09 - A
11/29/2007 - CSB>R09 - A
11/29/2007 - iRiver - B
12/04/2007 - SPCMC>MT - A
12/11/2007 - KM4>D7 - A
12/13/2007 - DPA4061>M1/oade - A -
Master Recording (this is an active vine on the cu.org forums)
12/13/2007 - DPA4061>MT - B
12/13/2007 - GSALC>iRiver - C
12/14/2007 - DPA4061>M1/oade - A -
Master Recording (this is an active vine on the cu.org forums)
12/14/2007 - DPA4061>MT - B
12/14/2007 - GSALC>iRiver - C
A) Individual Source Information (float over text) / Left text-year information pages
Perhaps some folks will find this to be a useful & efficient feature for cu.org... you can now float your cursor over the "date - venue" information (i.e.: left frame of performance dates) to see a quick-synopsis of what source is what without having to click on the date. Just float over.. This was something I've wanted to do for a very long time & hope it is helpful for years to come. This feature is available on all years. This was a lot of work but hopefully this will be a very helpful addition.
B) Update on the "Maynardism Project" - a lot of contributions from Adam AKA optimisticpessimist... thanks for the work!
Dates (more will come in the future): 09/05/1991, 04/23/1992, 08/18/1992, 05/27/1993, 10/06/1993. 04/11/1994
C) Source Info
Updated to 08/18/2007 - all years.
) Content Updates
xx/xx/1986 - TexANS - "Live at Sons & Daughters Hall"
xx/xx/1992 - Sylvia Massy Video
08/20/2002 - Unknown Video - B
11/13/2002 - CSB>MT877
05/19/2006 - Video
05/20/2006 - Video
06/13/2006 - DPA4061>M1
09/03/2006 - MK4>M1
11/12/2006 - Video
11/25/2006 - AT933>R09

01/24/2007 - SPCMC>iRiver - B (upgrade)
01/25/2007 - SPCMC>iRiver - B (upgrade)
01/25/2007 - OKMIIR-S>MT - C

01/28/2007 - Sony dcr-hc26e / Video
05/03/2007 - TRV900
05/11/2007 - SPCMC10>R09 - A
05/11/2007 - CSB>MT - B
05/12/2007 - SPCMS10>R09 - A
05/15/2007 - MK4>PMD671 - A
05/16/2007 - DSM6L>R09 - A
05/19/2007 - SPAT>MT - A
05/19/2007 - SPCMS10>R09 - B
05/21/2007 - MK4>MT -A
05/21/2007 - GSALC>RH1 - B
05/21/2007 - ECM>R50 - C
05/22/2007 - GSALC>RH1
05/26/2007 - MX185>MT877 - A
05/31/2007 - DPA4061>MT - A
06/01/2007 - HC46 (video)
06/04/2007 - CA-STC11>M1
06/05/2007 - SPCMC4U>M100
06/07/2007 - SPCMC4U>M100
06/09/2007 - CSC>MT - A
06/09/2007 - CSB>M1 - B
06/09/2007 - TRV940 - C
06/15/2007 - SPCMC>MT - A
- Radioshack Cassette - B
06/16/2007 - DPA4061>R09
06/20/2007 - SPCMC8>R09 - A
06/27/2007 - AT>R09 - A
06/27/2007 - R09 (built in mics) - B
06/29/2007 - DPA4061>R09 -
Master Recording
07/01/2007 - DPA4061>M1/oade - A - Master Recording
07/01/2007 - SPCMC4U>M100 - B
07/03/2007 - DPA4061>M1/oade - A -
Master Recording
07/03/2007 - R09 (w/built-in mic) -  B - Master Recording
07/03/2007 - SPCMC4U>M100 - C
07/05/2007 - DPA4061>M1/oade - A -
Master Recording
07/05/2007 - Aiwa CM-30>R09 - B - Master Recording
07/05/2007 - CSB>R700 - C - Master Recording
07/05/2007 - OKMIIR>MT180 - D - Master Recording
07/09/2007 - AT835+CSC>MZ-N1
07/12/2007 - CSB>RH100 - A
07/12/2007 - CSB>MT - B
07/13/2007 - CSB>MT - A
07/13/2007 - ZR800 - B
07/16/2007 - MK4>R09 - A
07/16/2007 - CSB>M1 - B
07/16/2007 - R09 (internal mics) - C
08/22/2007 - MK4>R09
08/25/2007 - OKMIIR-S>D7
08/28/2007 - SPSC>HiMD - A
08/28/2007 - TCM353 - B
09/04/2007 - CSB>HiMD
A) Spring Tour
More dates coming, old on hold, blah.
B) Source Information
Updated as of 03/2007. If you have information, please contact us here.
) New Notes/Contributions - Ryan A.
Some clever folks may have noticed many sources from 1993 with comments by another collector, Ryan A. I've known Ryan A. for a few years & he has proven himself to be a dedicated collector that manages to come up with some very nice finds (and low generations) and is now a taper. As a fellow collector, I  respect the concrete examination, detailed understanding of Tool & the texture, flow & dynamic energy of what is created by 4 human on a stage.  His comments are a welcome addition to the site - perhaps more to come. I trust those interested will find this rather enlightening. The list for this time around is as follows: 1992-04-25, 1993-06-11, 1993-06-22, 1993-06-23 (aud source), 1993-08-29 (FM broadcast), 1993-09-09, 1993-09-10, 1993-09-21, 1993-09-22, 1993-09-28, 1993-09-29, 1993-09-30, 1993-10-01, 1993-10-05, 1993-10-06, 1993-10-07, 1993-10-08, 1993-10-09, 1993-10-22, 1994-02-07 (audio), 1994-03-03, 1994-03-11, 1994-03-18, 1994-04-17, 1994-07-10 (video), 1994-07-21 (audio), 1994-07-21 (video), 1996-11-03, 2006-09-15 (Ryan A source)
) Updated Definitive Recordings
Updated the definitive recordings (w/links + new picks) on each 'main year' page. So, if you click on, say, 1994 you will see new info in the right frame. Not a massive update but needed to be done.
) Updated Source Information
Including the individual pages & the comprehensive list.
F) Content Updates = (whew)

08/27/1993 - Realistic>WM-F2097
10/25/1996 - Sony mic>WM-D3
03/03/1997 - AT822>D7 (acquired DAT-M)
07/01/2001 - Unknown - F
11/07/2001 - Sony mic>WM-D3
04/30/2006 - DPA4061>RH10 - I
05/08/2006 - DPA4061>RH10 - C
05/19/2006 - DPA4061>RH10 - B
05/20/2006 - DPA4061>RH10 - C
05/26/2006 - ECM70P>R700 - B
05/26/2006 - ECM719>MT877 - C
06/24/2006 - Panasonic>
NH700 - B
06/24/2006 -
DSC-S60- C
06/28/2006 - ECM717>R50 - D
08/19/2006 - CMC2>MT200 - B
08/19/2006 - MK4>M1 - C
09/11/2006 - DPA4061>RH10
09/14/2006 - DPA4061>RH10 - B
09/15/2006 - DPA4061>R09
09/21/2006 - Olympus Voice Recorder - MP3 - C
09/21/2006 - CSB>MT2496 - D
09/21/2006 - DPA4061>R09 - E
09/22/2006 - CSB>MT2496 - D
09/29/2006 - CSB>MT2496 (MP3) - C
10/03/2006 - CSB>MT2496 (MP3) - B
10/05/2006 - Video (matrix)
11/04/2006 - CSC>877H
11/09/2006 - AT853>iRiver
12/01/2006 - Church>RH910 - A
12/01/2006 - DPA4061>NH900 - B
12/05/2006 - CMC8>MT - A
12/05/2006 - CSB>HiMD - B
12/05/2006 - MBHO>R09 - C
12/07/2006 - ECM917>NH900
12/08/2006 - OKMII-Studio>TCD-D8
12/10/2006 - OKMII-Studio>TCD-D8 - A
12/10/2006 - HEB>TCD-D8 - B
12/10/2006 - CSC>RH10 - C
12/10/2006 - 719>RH910 - D
12/10/2006 - 717>R30 - E
12/10/2006 - Video - F
12/12/2006 - CMC8>MT - A
12/12/2006 - CSB>RH910 - B
12/12/2006 - ECM>TCD-D100 - C
12/16/2006 - Unknown Video
01/19/2007 - SPBMC>iRiver - A
01/24/2007 - OKMII-Studio>MT2496 - A
01/24/2007 - SPSC>iRiver - MP3 - B
01/25/2007 - ECMMS907>NHF800 - A
01/25/2007 - SPSC>iRiver - MP3 - B
01/31/2007 - ECMDS70P>N710 - A
01/31/2007 - ECMMS907>NHF800 - B
01/31/2007 - ECMDS70P>N710 - C
02/08/2007 - ECM717>TCD-D100
02/09/2007 - ECM717>TCD-D100
02/10/2007 - ECM717>TCD-D100
02/12/2007 - ECM717>TCD-D100
A) #
<content removed by request>
B) Community Direction? Bootlegged Material? Donation (of time)?
There is a massive difference between a taper, collector & a bootlegger. A bootlegger (*never* a true taper or collector) sells live recordings for economic gain.. Those people are not cool. They make true fans look foolish. The actions of these people are illegal, narcissistic & need to be stopped. I, for one, have a positive hope that perhaps if we are able to act as a community to stop these sellers & develop a consistent network of Tool fans that will be on top of this issue perhaps there is at least a small snowballs chance in hell that Tool may loosen up their very strict anti-taping policy. Who knows, perhaps we could, together, create a community of collectors & fans that are reminiscent of the Grateful Dead community. Yes, I know what image + connotation that evokes however I offer this paradigm in the spirit of sharing + having just a massive pool of live recordings of Tool.  Tool fans should never sell live recordings. It makes it that much more difficult for tapers + fans to be able to hear their favorite band. Many folks who use this site as a reference for information about live Tool recordings report auctions via eBay, myspace & other websites. We must do what we can to stop the selling of live recordings. If you are interested, please join the forums & help us report this. Look at it this way, this website is & will remain 100% free as I, alone, pay the monthly + yearly costs for this site. With thousands of visitors a month, tons of samples & lots of content, a lot of bandwidth is used per month. Instead of $ as a donation for this site, all I ask is that people donate just a moment of time to make a difference. There are clear directions about how to report violators in the forums. Please help.
C) Updates = 76
Now believe it or not, the updates of content for CU.org took me ages & ages to do. Please note that the source information page was updated in October, 2006 & will be updated again soon. This is a lot of work & sometimes this hobby can feel a little more like a job than it should. However, one of the joys of doing this is to listen to as many live recordings of Tool that I possibly can. Why? To decipher the jokes, mix-ups, quotes, different performance-style between one performance of a song to another in order to increase my appreciation for Tool. For those that may notice, the site has not had real updates for a very long time. Some folks have asked if I am even doing this site anymore...  I will continue to do updates to CU.org indefinitely however the time-between updates will simply vary. That said, I hope you enjoy the following updates:

Content  - by Date
xx/xx/1986  - TexANS - "Never Again"
xx/xx/1986  - Children of The Anachronistic Dynasty - "Fingernails"
xx/xx/1987  - Children of The Anachronistic Dynasty -  "Dog House"
04/17/1987 - Children of The Anachronistic Dynasty -  Live: 04/17/1987
09/05/1991 - SBD
01/27/1993 - SBD
11/07/1996 - SSDSM>D7
10/10/1999 - CSB>MD
05/26/2001 - GSB>MD
xxx.xx.2006 - Rage / Pro Video TV
05/10/2006 - MK4>M1
05/11/2006 - DVD>CD
05/19/2006 - DPA4061>iRiver
05/20/2006 - MM-B2>MT24/96
05/31/2006 - Hama>iRiver
06/03/2006 - DAB>NH700
06/08/2006 - Hama>iPod
06/09/2006 - CSB>D7
06/09/2006 - CSB>NH900
06/14/2006 - DPA4061>D100
06/19/2006 - DVD + DVD>CD
06/27/2006 - CS(LC)B>N10
06/28/2006 - GSALB>R900
07/01/2006 - DPA4061>D8/mod
07/04/2006 - DPA4061>D100/oade
07/07/2006 - DPA4061>D100/oade
07/07/2006 - DPA4061>D8/mod
08/06/2006 - SPCMC>N707
08/12/2006 - Unknown Audio
08/13/2006 - Aiwa>R900
08/18/2006 - SSDSM6>iRiver
08/19/2006 - SSDSM6>iRiver
08/22/2006 - CMC-8>Gmini
08/25/2006 - CSB>NHF800
08/27/2006 - DAB>iRiver
08/29/2006 - Audix>R09
08/30/2006 - MK4>M1
08/30/2006 - CSB>MT24/96
08/30/2006 - DPA4061>JB3
09/02/2006 - DPA4061>JB3
09/05/2006 - DPA4061>SBM-1>MT
09/09/2006 - COS-11s>M1/oade
09/09/2006 - external>iRiver
09/14/2006 - SSDSM>R09
09/15/2006 - SP-CMC>N707
09/18/2006 - HyperCarrds>MT24/96
09/21/2006 - SPCMC1>M100
09/21/2006 - DPA4061>M1/oade mod II / master
09/22/2006 - DPA4061>M1/oade mod II / master
09/22/2006 - SPCMC1>M100
09/22/2006 - Video
09/23/2006 - MBHO>M1
09/23/2006 - CSB>MT24/96
09/23/2006 - CSC>Hi-MD
09/25/2006 - DPA4061>M1/oade mod II / master (available for download: click here)
09/25/2006 - SP>I-730
09/28/2006 - CSB>M1
09/29/2006 - CSB>RH910
09/29/2006 - CSC>MT24/96
09/30/2006 - CSB>RH1
10/02/2006 - CSB>M1
10/03/2006 - DS70P>R70
10/03/2006 - Unknown
10/06/2006 - CSB>M1
10/06/2006 - MS907-D8
10/06/2006 - Video
10/07/2006 - AT863>JB3
11/05/2006 - Aiwa mic>N910
11/08/2006 - HAMA>iPod
11/09/2006 - HAMA>iPod
11/09/2006 - AT953>iRiver
11/10/2006 - HAMA>iPod
11/10/2006 - ecm717>N707
11/18/2006 - spcmc>mt24/96
11/19/2006 - Viviano>MT-180H
11/19/2006 - ds70p>iRiver
A) Updates
Working on quite a few items as time permits. A lot of ground to cover in only so many hours in the day.
A) New Look
For those that may be quasi-regulars, the sitenow has a different main layout with a new menu replacing all the old jpegs from, actually a few years ago.
I did a lot of reformatting behind the scenes trying to make things smoother. Also did a new layout/design for the main page/menu & all that good stuff. Added some information on all the main year pages. All this took a great deal of time but is, I think, how it may look for a while.
New additions
as follows:

04/16/1995 - DVD / 1G / Upgrade-from master
12/31/1995 - DVD / Source B / Upgrade
07/08/1998 - DVD / Upgrade
07/30/1998 - DVD / Upgrade
10/10/1999 - DVD / Unknown / Source F
06/19/2001 - DVD + Audio / Upgrade
09/18/2001 - DVD / CCD-TR2300
09/18/2001 - DVD / CCD-TRV940
07/26/2002 - DVD / Unknown
07/27/2002 - DVD /
Sony DCR-TRV330 Digtal8 Video w/ Sony ECM-MS908C
08/24/2002 - SPB>MZ-R37

08/25/2002 - DVD w/CSB>MT90 audio
05/11/2006 - DVD / Unknown Video Recording
05/17/2006 - DPA4061>D8
05/17/2006 - CSB>JB3
05/31/2006 - CSB>MT77
06/09/2006 - CSB>iRiver
06/11/2006 - CSB>iRiver
06/13/2006 - CSB>PDAudio
06/13/2006 - CSB>iRiver
06/14/2006 - CSB>PDAudio
06/14/2006 - CSB>iRiver
06/27/2006 - CPCMC>NH600
08/05/2006 - DVD / DCR-TRV900
08/06/2006 - DVD / Unknown Video Recording
08/13/2006 - DPA4061>RH10
08/27/2006 - DPA4061>NH100
A) Toronto 2006 Master > FLAC / Download
For those potentially interested in listening to my DPA 4061 > Sony PCM-M1 (Oade Mod II) source from Toronto from the mini tour please check out dimeadozen.org & DL it.
A) Tickets
For the people that may not know, tickets for many of the US Fall Tour are now on sale. I was surprised to see Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto sell out in one under; that is a big venue. We will see if this is a common theme? Perhaps.
B) Content
Maynardisms + user reviews (from forum); eventually it would be nice to have every show in the following lay-out with the expansive information:
05/02/92, 08/01/92, 06/23/93, 07/10/93, 07/23/93, 08/07/93, 08/15/93, 09/29/93, 07/05/94, 11/14/94, 12/31/95, 11/07/96, 11/14/96, 02/19/97, 03/01/97, 03/26/98, 03/27/98, 03/29/98, 07/12/98, 07/14/98, 07/15/98, 07/19/98, 08/01/98, 08/07/98, 08/13/98, 08/18/98, 08/25/98, 08/29/98, 08/30/98, 05/15/01, 09/24/01, 10/16/01, 10/30/01, 04/11/02, 05/14/02, 05/26/02, 08/25/02, 04/30/06, 05/02/06, 05/06/06, 05/08/06, 05/12/06, 05/13/06, 05/15/06, 05/16/06, 05/20/06, 05/21/06, 05/31/06
B) Content
New additions to the trade-pool; believe it or not all this stuff takes me a very long time. Hope you enjoy it:

03/01/1997 - CSB>D8 / DAT-1
10/10/1999 - DVD / 1G from master
04/30/2006 - matrix-G
04/30/2006 - DCR-TRV900 / DVD
05/12/2006 - DPA4061>M1 / DAT-1
05/12/2006 - SPPSC > MT 2496
05/16/2006 - CSC>MZ-N1
05/16/2006 - SPSCMC-8
05/20/2006 - MK4>M1
05/21/2006 - MK4>M1
05/21/2006 - DPA4061>M1
05/26/2006 -
ECM T145>N710
05/30/2006 - OKMIIR-S>D8
05/30/2006 - CM-T56>N710
05/31/2006 - ECM 717>D100
06/04/2006 - CSLC>N10
06/04/2006 -
Panasonic NV-GS17
06/06/2006 - OKMIIR>D100
06/06/2006 - CSB>RH910
06/07/2006 - MCE-4000>NH700
06/07/2006 - Shure 58>MD
06/08/2006 - ECM 717>D100
06/08/2006 - CSB>RH910
06/09/2006 - Unknown Video
06/11/2006 - CSB>RH910
06/17/2006 - SPCMC8>RH900
06/24/2006 - MCE-4000>NH700
06/27/2006 - CSC>MZ-RH10
06/28/2006 - DPA 4060>D8
06/28/2006 - CSC>RH10

A) New Sources
Content update:

08/13/2001 - B
08/14/2001 - D
04/30/2006 - CSB>M1
05/15/2006 - SPCMC>M100 (incomplete)
05/31/2006 - Unknown / MP3
06/04/2006 - ECM717>R700
A) Update - New Sources
Content update to CU.org for those that are into thinking they are cool that is. New tour underway. There are quite a few recordings surfaced already. More to come. Even more, there are all sorts of tapers just kind of sitting on them to see what else surfaces. To those tapers that have sent & will send me material (i.e.: recordings), all trade requests will go directly to you. I am not trading 2006 recordings attained from tapers (unless they are torrents or specified otherwise). This is done as, often times when a taper trades out a master, it ends up everywhere & they do not attain new sources in return. The mission of CU.org is to provide information to all recordings in circulation. Any questions?
B) Assistance
Would like to note that many of these updates were facilitated/assisted/others helped via Geordy via a crash course in FP2003 & passion for Tool.

) Mini Tour - Detroit & Toronto
Saw Detroit + Toronto on the mini tour. Good stuff.
) Content Update

Xx/xx/1991 - Demo Tape / new copy / new scans
02/23/1994 - upgrade
05/18/1994 - upgrade
05/19/1994 - CM-30>D3
08/03/1997 - CSB>D8 / from taper
08/15/1997 - Marcsounds>D8 / 3G
08/16/1997 - Marcsounds>D8 / 3G
06/01/2001 - OKMIIR>M1 / upgrade
06/23/2001 - OKMIIR>M1 / upgrade
11/01/2001 - ECM717>R700 / from taper / upgrade
07/26/2002 - DVD
11/24/2002 - ECM717>R700 / from taper / upgrade
04/30/2006 - SPSC>MT2496
04/30/2006 - DPA4060>M1
04/30/2006 - AT853>MT2496
04/30/2006 - DPA4061>MT2496
04/30/2006 - COS-11>M1 oade / from taper
05/02/2006 - CSC>Gemini 402
05/02/2006 - CSB>RH10
05/06/2006 - COS-11>M1 oade / from taper
05/08/2006 - SPCMC8>D100
05/08/2006 - DSM6/L>D7
05/12/2006 - ADX20>MT2496
05/12/2006 - DPA4061 / HEB>M1
05/13/2006 - ECMDS70P > MZ-M100

05/15/2006 - DPA 4061>M1oade / Master
05/16/2006 - DPA 4061>M1oade / Master
A) Update
To be brief: Updated source info pages. New 2006 content updates are coming soon with the help of new contributors to this site.
A) US Tickets - "Good Luck if you can get it, brother won't you tell me how"
First, for more info, see the forum. Figured I would bore you with my experience attaining tickets this past weekend...
Tickets... I'll make my story for Tool tix as short as I can. My wife was online with TM. My dad was at a little grocery store on the other side of the State. I went to the Ann Arbor TM outlet at 9 w/about 100 people in line. Talked with a guy & chatted for a bit. We discussed the lottery as that was definitely going to happen - we made a pact that if he was able to get 4 tix, he would sell me two & vice versa. TM people came out, did a lottery. Somehow, I managed up as the 3rd person in line. People were pissed & understandably so. 10 rolls around, first person gets 3 tix, the guy in front of me wants 4 together, TM cannot pull it up. The TM employee gets nothing & the other TM person shouts: "Tool is now SOLD OUT!" 100+ people scream in unison. The time is 10:01. Then, my wife calls my cell & says that she was not able to get anything. I ask her to try again w/just 1 ticket. I'm standing at the counter & politely ask the employee to try. She says ok, manages to just keep hitting 'print' & manages 8 tickets. The guys in front of me buy 4. I buy the other 4 & sell 2 for face value to the guy I talked to in line - he was stoked. Sarah calls me back, manages to get 1 ticket. My dad calls, he managed 2 awesome floor seats FOS from his TM location. I end up with 5. Good fuckin' karma. I sold 2 tickets to friends, have one coming in the mail & have 2 when I see my dad next week. Amazing luck. Not bad for a show that sold out in under 60 seconds.
A) 10,000 Days
Yep. Due out on 05/02/2006. Big thanks to 'cuz; Shane. See you at Easter? Many people have emailed me about the various "leaked" new Tool albums online... hmm... what is the smell when you drive past a farm after a rain in Spring? All bullshit. Do not waste your time nor bandwidth. 
B) Content Updates
Hmm. Not too much but enough to warrant me to post it here; this is literally as many "new" sources into the trade-pool that are "out" as of this date. Not too many but here you go:
10/10/99 - DVD w/CSB>M1 audio - Left Angle
09/18/01 - MD, Source B
05/19/02 - Unknown (MP3 source/only source)
08/31/02 - MD, Source B
A) US Dates, Euro-Aussie Dates?
Whew. Waiting for the May mini-tour dates to become public. Oh they haven't announced that yet? They will; most likely first on TA. Make sure you get your tix before they sell out in 30 seconds. Many European dates are on-sale right now, for links, visit that section in the CU.org forums... US Tour skinny: Coachella at the end of April then a quasi-US mini tour for the first bit of May.
B) Coachella Tapers
You know, speaking of Coachella, there are at least 14 tapers (that I know) that are going. Tickets in hand. That will definitely rival the total known sources of live Tool recordings at this point in the band's history. More soon? Hope so.
C) Album
As you know, is titled: "10,000 Days". Release date in the US is estimated at: 05/02/2006. Count on it. Now, what the album title means... hmm... not too sure. Some random thoughts I have about it, in case you are interested:

First glance, it kind of sounds like a Quentin Tarantino movie. However, think about it, what could it mean? I found this site which has you put in your DOB & lists how many days you have been a live. http://www.peterussell.com/age.html Just kind of a random theory here but maybe if we knew the release date of the album & 'went back' 10,000 days to determine that date; perhaps that date would have some relevance or significance.

I thought there could be some numerical reference to the current US President. Cannot figure that out. So, it may very well be a reference to the Vietnam War which is referred to as the 10,000 Day War.

OR... the entire page of: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/10000

My favorite guesstimations:

In climate, Summary of 10,000 Years is one of several pages of the Climate Timeline Tool:

In scientific notation, it is written as 104 / It is also written as 1 E4

In anatomy, each neuron in the human brain is estimated to connect to 10,000 others.
Orders of magnitude (numbers)

Revelation 5:11 "And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the beasts and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands;" (Apocalypse of John)

The classical Greeks used letters of the Greek alphabet to represent Greek numerals: they used a capital letter mu (M) to represent 10000, whose name in Greek is myriad.
A) Tour Dates
Tour dates updated daily from the forum as they are speculated, rumored & announced. Some information may change slightly, some information may not.
A) New Tour Dates
Yes, new tour dates.
A) New Stuff
You will notice quite a bit of stuff going on in the forums. New Tool US Mini-Tour Dates are closer than you think. Get your checkbook out now. There is a new quiz going on. Is fun or will drive you crazy. Source information continually being updated. Two improbable titles for the new album from Tool:  "Lee A-Popa & The Flaming Watusis - Jumpin' In Yo Crack!" or "The Scott Hill Clown Band - LIVE & Unplugged from Uranus".
A) Belated
Here's to a very good year for life, love, pragmatism - not idealism & the support of Tool. New rumors. New DVDs. New dates. Sarah & I have been rather busy focusing in on a new house to move into. They say it's a buyer's market but all is subjective in the eyes of market economy. Otherwise, all good.
B) Source Infoma
Rather self-explanatory; an up to date & complete as possible source database of all known Tool recordings. Includes items in circulation & items not in circulation. This will be user dependant & will require the assistance of random folks with information & will be an evolving, organic source of information.  This incarnation has taken me a very long time to verify, organize, format, remember, listen & keep-track-of what-is-what. I hope this is used by folks...
A) Socialism + Democracy in Action: Forums?
In an attempt to gather some semblance of order, logic & an attempt to gather support for an examination of Tool's anti-taping stance, we are trying to garner support. More info in the forums - sign up, vote + work for a difference.
Socialism + Democracy in Action: eBay?
We must band together to shut down any + all people that sell Tool (or related projects) online like eBay or other places. This will take work from all of us. More of this in the fourms. Are you in?
C) Socialism + Democracy in Action: Tool Drive?
So what the hell is the Tool Drive Project? Go & see what it is: click here. As a note, I am neither advocating for nor lobbying against this experiment. Although I have relevant reservations, not everyone will not share my perspective so my voice will remain null at this point. Maybe this could work, maybe not. This will require you to pay a bunch of money for X, Y & Z & still leaves a massive gap for some people but if this works may be a step in at least some direction. However, this is not for people that have little use for FLAC, SHN & other type of electronic file sharing - like me. Not sure why the hit-counter changes/increases when you go to each + every page though that is neither here nor there.
A) Content Update
After more than a year of being offline, the VINYL section has been completely updated/revamped with new scans & information. Enjoy.
A) Content Updates
07/16/93 MTV - DVD
07/05/1994 DAT/CD
03/04/95 DVD (2 discs - Master transfer)
03/04/95 DVD-M (Source C)
12/31/95 DVD (Source C)
02/19/97 DAT/CD
08/30/98 DVD
06/25/01 DAT/CD
08/10/01 CD (Source F)
10/27/01 DVD
05/21/02 DAT/CD
07/11/02 DVD (Master transfer)
07/15/02 DVD (Source E)
08/12/02 CD
08/18/02 (Source D)
08/31/02 DVD
10/29/02 DVD
A) Re-Formatting the site (finished)
Done - next shall be new updates of new material making rounds. What the hell - just took a look... is it possible that there has been no actual new content date since 03/2005? Think so... Stay tuned. 
A) Re-Formatting the site (cont...)
As quite a few people have sent me emails about, yes, there are some changes to the site. Rather significant in so far as ease of use. Basically, every-single-mother-f'ing page/review/etc is being edited & re-formatted. Everything should be up except for 2001 at this point - which will get done as time allows. After that, I shall add a bunch more content of course & the like... And, for those concerned, I think I gave myself bilateral carpel tunnel syndrome... haha... no, not yet. Hopefully I will never have to re-format this site again after this.
A) Re-Formatting the site
You may see some weird things that do not make sense, consider that to be under construction. Am re-formatting the entire site to make it a bit more user-friendly and easy to use. The years 1991-1992 are completed; take a look there for what I am talking about. Have been meaning to do this since last year as some various experiments of different formats (flash, pop-ups, etc) were tried but this "new" format will hopefully be the last time I will change this entire site. Each & every recording-review will be edited yet again as well as all of the other pages. Why do I do this to myself? Ah well.
B) New Stuff
And yes there are a bunch of new recordings leaking out into the trade-communities. They will be updated after this re-formatting. 
A) Forums
Check it out if you are interested in it. About it.
A) Alive
Contrary to belief or questions by some folks, this site is still functioning & will remain so.  Thanks to to the people that send in emails to say so, to say thanks or to ask what's shaking. Well, there are little updates & additions to be put online & I shall do so when the weather gets cooler out - have a stack of stuff sitting on my desk I need to do & am looking forward to actually. Sooner than later - tour will be here soon I hope. 
B) Broken Links  = FIXED as of  07-12-05 - Please report any other broken links.
Thanks to those who let me know that there are some links that used to work but are now not working. This sucks & is something I will have to fix ASAP. Basically, there are links referred with "collectiveunconscious.org" and other links listed as "geocities.com" --- the latter links are all dead for a reason unknown to me. This change affects about 1/3 of all material on the site as far as independent sources go. Will be fixed as soon as I can. Check back later if the thing you want is not up. I'll make a note somewhere mentioning that thngs are fixed as well.
B) Contributors?
So, I realized a bit of time ago that this site would be better with contributors other than -just- myself in regards to source & content. I do not have a huge scheme or anything but how about it - anyone interested in becoming involved with the content (writing & hunting) to be a partner with this site? All it requires is to be a fan, to follow-through & listen to the music. Details are numerous, there are about a million,  but that would be best left to worry about later. There is a way & it could be relatively easy. So how about it?

A) Tool - In The Studio, 07.xx.1992 / Sylvia Massey's Video
This is a piece of noteworthy news/information pertaining to trade/collectible items. It appears that the In-The-Studio video, recorded by the band in July 1992 while Undertow was being 'born', has been leaked/released. Although in some way I am glad & in another rather pessimistic about the trade communities handling of it in the future & thus far. Please respect this treasure. Use your head & be cool with it... although I am certain that some will attempt to boast and/or sell it or whore it out on some level. Although I did not directly, in anyway, release this to the public + hold no rights over it whatsoever, it should be noted that I did transfer it from 2G VHS > DVD. There are incomplete copies apparently in rotation. If you are scratching your head wondering "what is this guy talking about" then just wait as I am sure it will be available to you soon enough in various incarnations. This may have once been rare but it will not be so from now on - that I am sure of. Basically, for those that do not know, the video consists of 3 basic parts; smashing the piano for "Disgustipated", making the ribs for the cover of Undertow & also some in-studio cuts. The studio consists of MJK walking around w/a bullhorn making comments re: Fleetwood Mac + Pat Benatar, some non-vocal edits/cuts & also a part w/Rollins recording his part, an alternate take actually, on "Bottom". At this point, there is no review or note on this site (other than this update) regarding this show.
B) Tool - In The Garage, 2001
Does anyone have any information pertaining to this sample? This little .avi file has been hosted on various sites but no one has any idea who/what the hell this is, if a complete version exists or even any basic info. If you have any idea or info, please let me know. Make sure you right click & save the following file:


A)  I am going to leave you for a while here. When = next tour. Thanks to all, especially some. Thanks most of all to Tool & some OGT's who really are just that. If there is such a thing. I have accomplished what I set out to do with the help of the few. What did I set out to accomplish? That's in the eye of the beholder, eh? Thank you - you know who you are.  The site is not closing nor will it at any time soon. Put in way to much work on it & many people appear to appreciate it, judging by the many emails I get about it. There may be a couple of more updates at some point in the near future-ish relating to Tool as I have a few items not listed that are slowly seeping out (excellent AUD captures from our friend Per CLS). A few people have let me know about DVD + various AUD stuff that I'll get to sooner than never as well, no fear. If something that is of significant importance "breaks" then I'll jump on it, if it matters.  But the only thing I will really be focusing in on relating to my Net hobby will be my masters section; keeping that updated.  Change of seasons, change of attitude perhaps. After a little over 8 years, this Tool-ish goal of mine is set.
B) One thing that I added that is of significant interest is an article from local 1993 magazine that has an article w/our main man James in it. Check out the 1993 page, at the beginning of September for more info on that. Hopefully most will find it interesting; I do.
C) So, yeah, no more trading for a while for me unless... unless it is something that would generate authentic interest. Perhaps anything I could say about this, for the time being is the following quote from MJK: "Thank you very much for your support. We have an assignment for you, we want you to, uh, take this feeling you've  been having for this whole day - all the music you've heard - take this feeling you're having, take it home & in  the following weeks create something positive with it. We need, we need more creative people out there doing  positive things because the bad guys are winning. So let's do some good shit, shall we? Thank you very much."
A) Everyone knows about MJK performing with the remainders of AIC (torrent @ eztree) + Tool demos for DL so I won't mention those.
B) Content updates - see year, source info for complete information
xx.xx.92  - Demos - Undertow
05.01.92 - My VHS>DVD
08.18.92 - My VHS>DVD
05.22.93 - My VHS>DVD
08.15.93 - My VHS>DVD (fixed)
12.12.93 - My VHS>DVD (legitimate date / new source)
11.14.94 - My VHS>DVD
xx.xx.95  - Demos - AEnima
12.31.95 - My VHS>DVD (center angle)
07.19.98 - tcs-580v analog / Source B
08.29.98 - My VHS>DVD
10.01.01 - My VHS>DVD
10.16.01 - My VHS>DVD
08.21.02 - My VHS>DVD
10.25.02 - My VHS>DVD
A) What was that about selected demos from AEnima + Undertow?
B) Masters Section is now updated.
B) Want list updated - although it is hard to tell.
A) Hmm... how long was it since last real content update? A while. Enjoy, hope this information & work is useful to you.
B) Content updates - see year, source info for complete information
06.22.93 - Upgrade
06.23.93 - Analog - Source B
11.11.94 - 1G DVD
11.01.96 - DVD upgrade
11.23.96 - DVD audio re-sync w/CSB>D7 audio
02.23.97 - ecm909>d7 / DAT-2
07.11.97 - DVD
07.11.97 - CSB>D8 / Source B
07.29.97 - 1G DVD
08.15.97 - DVD
08.25.98 - 2 angle DVD
08.26.98 - 2 angle DVD
10.10.99 - DVD / 16:9 ratio
10.10.99 - csb>m1 / DAT-3
05.15.01 - ms907>mz-r37 / Source D
05.20.01 - DVD 2 cam / Source C
05.20.01 - sppc>r90 / Source D
07.01.01 - ssdsm6>m1 / Source E
08.10.01 - sppsc>d8 / Source E
08.11.01 - csb>m1 / Source B
08.15.01 - zs90>mt-821 / Source C
09.06.01 - Master>DVD
09.07.01 - csb>d8 / Source C
10.15.01 - spb>r70 / Source C
10.16.01 - sppb>mz500 / Source C
11.01.01 - heb>m1 / Source D
11.02.01 - realistics>r70 / Source B
11.02.01 - ecmts120>d8 / DAT-2
04.10.02 - dsm6>d7 / DAT-2
04.10.02 - dsm6>m1 / DAT-3
04.11.02 - dsm6>d100 / DAT-2
04.24.02 - ecm-ms907>r700 / Source B
04.29.02 - ecm-ms907>r700 / Source B
07.11.02 - dpa 4061>D8 / DAT-2
07.11.02 - realistics>r70 / Source E
07.12.02 - realistics>r70 / Source F
07.12.02 - dpa 4061>D8 / DAT-2
07.13.02 - realistics>r70 / Source E
07.13.02 - dpa 4061>D8 / DAT-2
07.15.02 - dsm6s>r500 / Source D
07.26.02 - at cardioids>r900 / Source C
08.04.02 - csb>d8 / Source B
08.10.02 - Master>DVD
08.15.02 - ecm-ms907>r37 (1G)
08.17.02 - Master>DVD
08.18.02 - Master>DVD
10.26.02 - radioshack omni>md / Source D
11.19.02 - ecm-ms907>r37 (1G)
11.22.02 - schoeps mk4>m1 / Source G
11.24.02 - ecm-ms907>r37 (1G)
A) Bush's 2 Inauguration = Armageddon?
Am thoroughly convinced that America's foreign policy is as archaic as it's social policies. When Sarah & I were married, a friend of ours bought us a wedding present, a beautiful dish, hand-made in Northern Michigan (where we are from). Upon further inspection of this bowl, it was clear that etched by the artist was the following mantra: "round & round we go - off to war again". I find this not only relevant then but now. I come from a Marxist-Capitalistic sense of perspective in regards to commodity exchange both in how people interact with one another to extract something they want from the other but also how the government extracts what it wants from the people. The government (the few/the elite) pretends to represent the people's (masses/proletariat) wishes & act as a mirror of said society. The Bush Administration is truly a frightening beast. Talks of invading Afghanistan in 2001 were met with mixed emotion. Talks of invading Iraq were met with disbelief in contrary to a Mid-West, close-minded sense of grandiose "gung-ho" mentality. Anyone taking bets on Iran? How about a bet on our brothers, children -even your- chances of being drafted?  I hope not. You say, who cares?  Nostradamus predicted that the Anti-Christ would come from the East but maybe he was wrong on directionality about that, eh?
B) Tool stuff?
Working when I can on Tool stuff. Masters section is down. More updates relatively soon of content. It all takes a while but about 30-odd recordings are ready to go but have mroe to do so why not wait till it is all done?

A) Happy Holidays to you.
So, here we are. Another year gone & done. Has a lot changed in 2004 for you or is this the year that a lot will change? Myself, this has been an excellent year on a myriad of levels, I hope yours was pleasant as well. What is the Holiday Season? As pessimistic as I am about human nature AKA the subtle art of manipulation, there is something about the ones you love & the time you have with them that this time of the year makes you think about things.  I do not think that you have to believe in Jesus / Buddha / Mohammad / L. Ron Hubbard / etc to see what Christmas time in our Christian world truly is, at the heart of it: a time to at least consider all the good that you have to share & how lucky you, me, your pet, even that weird friend from College who you haven't seen in 10 years -- are to be alive and breating. And conscious.  Not a hippy + not a poet so I will do two things:
1. Happy Holidays. Stick around, this next year will be one to remember. Especially for Tool fans. I am sure of that.
2. A final quote from Mr. Keenen. Although this may be offensive to some people, I think it is kind of funny. So, there you go.
Maynardism: "This song is about a, this song is about a two-thousand year old Arabian folk-tale involving a thief that someone nailed to a stick in the middle of a garbage dump... ever since then it's been real difficult to find a decent meal on Sunday & we're kind of angry about it. Just kidding." Switzerland - June 6, 1993

A) New 1993 Tour Dates Added - Confirmed
It took me a very, very long time to actually check + verify Tool tour dates from the European tour dates w/RATM. Am confident of authenticity. No new recordings yet but am hopeful. Not a huge difference but this may prove useful for collectors & fans as far as information goes.
A) MP3 Links
Fixed MP3 samples that were not up. Added additional content of updates (this took much more than just one day).
B) DVD Captures
Went through DVD's, checked for quality & content > reviews. Also added DVD image to each applicable DVD.
C) 2001 International Tour
I would like to make a note that we as collector's should take notice. Only 5 of the 2001 International tour dates do not have a known source in trade. There will be a day, hopefully soon. Anyone up for the challenge?
) Report Errors
If you see an error, let me know who/what/when/where/why.
Source Updates
See source notes for specific source information. Many of these are very low gen additions to the trading pool.
05.03.92 - My VHS>DVD
02.04.93 - SBD
06.09.93 - SBD
06.23.93 - SBD
07.10.93 - SBD
07.23.93 - SBD
08.29.93 - My VHS>DVD
07.09.93 - Analog
03.04.95 - My VHS>DVD
10.21.96 - My VHS>DVD
11.01.96 - DVD
03.04.95 - My VHS>DVD
11.21.96 - My VHS>DVD
12.01.96 - My VHS>DVD
12.10.96 - My VHS>DVD
02.23.97 - DVD w/DAT audio re-sync
07.08.97 - DVD
08.06.97 - DVD
07.05.98 - My VHS>DVD
07.07.98 - DVD
07.08.98 - DVD
07.15.98 - SBD
07.19.98 - Analog
07.30.98 - My VHS>DVD
xx.xx.01  - Much Music TV Interview
xx.xx.01  - Berlin TV Interview
06.11.01 - My VHS>DVD
06.12.01 - My VHS>DVD
06.19.01 - Unverified MD Recording
08.06.01 - SPSC>D8
09.08.01 - My VHS>DVD
09.14.01 - DVD
09.19.01 - DVD
09.20.01 - DVD
09.22.01 - DVD
10.02.01 - DVD
10.04.01 - DVD
10.07.01 - My VHS>DVD
10.09.01 - My VHS>DVD
04.20.02 - My VHS>DVD
04.24.02 - My VHS>DVD
05.13.02 - My VHS>DVD
05.17.02 - DAT
06.05.02 - Unverified MD Recording
07.11.02 - My VHS>DVD
07.23.02 - DVD
08.10.02 - CSC>M1
08.23.02 - CSB>D100
10.24.02 - DPA>M1
11.15.02 - My VHS>DVD
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